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Artery Recordings artist Wildways are set to release their new album “Into The Wild” on March 25th, 2016.  Wildways signed with Artery Recordings in January of 2016, and in early February they released their video for their song “Faka Faka Yeah”.  The band consists of: Toli – vox, Sergey – guitar, Chocoslayc – guitar, Harry – bass, and Kery – drums.

The album begin with the song “Skins”.  This song is a great way to start the album.  It begins with a melodic, instrumental intro, which lulls you into submission, and immediately grabs you by the throat and makes you pay attention.  This song alone shows you that this album is not going to be boring.  It is very difficult to fit this band into a definite genre, as they have such diversity on this album.  When you hear the second track on the album called “3 Seconds To Go”, it kicks you in the teeth and rocks hard.  Then you hear track 11 “Wings”, and it is what I would dare to say is a ballad.  Personally, my two favorite tracks on this album are “Princess”, which also contains beautiful guest female vocals, and “Slow Motion”, which flows so well, and has a groovy feel for me at the beginning of the chorus.  There is not a bad song on this album.  Even my least favorite song, “Faka Faka Yeah”, is still very catchy.

Wildways gives you a very balanced mix of vocals, growling, rapping, with a hint of techno.  They have accomplished the blending of these different sounds and turned it into something that is very good to the ears.  This album is enjoyable from beginning to end.

Head over to their website www.wildwaysofficial.com to check out tour dates, links to their social media pages, and their merch store to order all things Wildways.  Their album will be available on ITunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and MerchNow.  Get over and get this album!!!

Wildways “Into The Wild” track list:

  1. Skins
  2. 3 Seconds To Go
  3. Faka Faka Yeah
  4. Sirens
  5. What You Feel
  6. Slow Motion
  7. D.O.I.T.
  8. Princess
  9. Don’t Give Up Your Guns
  10. Illusions & Mirrors
  11. Wings
  12. Not Alone
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