BleachBANGS/Volbeat OKC

BleachBANGS/Volbeat Okc 

Members: Michael Poulsen – Guitar/Vocals

Jon Larsen – Drums

Anders Kjølholm – Bass

Rob Caggiano – Guitar
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark

When we found out Volbeat was coming to play our home town Oklahoma City, we were so excited and after learning they were also bringing “Nothing More,” one of the most entertaining and creative live shows I have seen with them as well, the deal was SEALED. We knew we couldn’t miss this for the world.

Danish natives Volbeat have set the U.S. Airwaves and festival stages on fire over the last few years after the release of the 2010 “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven” album. Volbeat is currently on tour with 5 Finger Death Punch, Hell Yeah, and Nothing More in support of their latest album “Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies”, in which former Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano was slated to perform on selected tracks, but has now been enlisted as a full time member making this line-up an unstoppable force capable of turning any music fan into a rabid fanatic of this multi-faceted band.
Volbeat has a sound that is very hard to describe with elements of Rockabilly, Metal, and just good ole Rock N Roll combined to make them stand out in the ever changing music scene.
Lead vocalist and guitarist Michael Poulsen really had me mesmerized from the start with his constant movement from one side of the stage to the other engaging every concert goer in the arena. I’m usually not a big fan of singers that also play guitar because I feel that one or the other tends to suffer, definitely not the case with Micheal, he continued to nail amazing riffs at the same time hitting every note and every line of every song.
The fact is obvious,  Volbeat does not take any of their success for granted.  They made it a point to let the crowd know they were  happy to be where they are and made sure the crowd was involved. Micheal spotted a young girl in the crowd on her dad’s shoulders and crowd surfed a T-shirt to her and delivered it personally. As a tribute to all the young fans  they asked all the young kids in attendance join them on stage. They interacted with them the entire  time,  making it “their time”. What a great memory to have as a kid!

After the show Volbeat immersed themselves in the local community by visiting a local Haunted house and were seen hanging out with the locals at one of the nearby clubs in Bricktown as well. 

So if Rock N Roll is dead Mr. Gene Simmons, at  least Volbeat is sticking around to perform CPR, and I believe we’ve got a pulse!

Special Thanks to Steve Karas @ SKH Music

Randy Norris, BleachBANGS Radio

Photos: Christy Norris Photography



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