Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind recently made a stop in Oklahoma City on their Dopamine tour.  The show was at Oklahoma City’s newest music venue The Criterion.  I was excited to be able to finally see Third Eye Blind as well as our new venue.  The indie rock, three piece band called Bad, Bad Hats from Minneapolis opened the show.  They were very impressive and had a very mellow, unique sound.  They are a young group, but you would never guess that listening to them.  They are very talented.

Third Eye Blind recently released their 5th studio album called Dopamine.  With the band forming in 1993 and releasing their first album in 1997, these guys have been at it for a while.  The venue was packed by the time 3EB took the stage.  The fans were definitely not disappointed.  3EB took the stage with a dark, dramatically backlight stage for their first song.  You could tell the ladies in the crowd were ready for all the lights to come on so they could get a visual of the band.  This was a high energy, awesome show.  I was very glad to see how engaged Stephan was with the crowd throughout the evening.  He took time to talk to the crowd rather than just go from one song to another.  Overall I was very impressed, and I will absolutely make it to their sow the next time they come through town.

Check out the Third Eye Blind website for updates on tour dates, links to their social media pages, and their merchandise shop.

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