The Struts in Oklahoma City


I was lucky enough to cover The Struts show in Oklahoma City over the weekend.  There were two other rather large events going on in Oklahoma City that same night, so the crowd was smaller than I think The Struts deserved, but that didn’t stop them from giving their all to the crowd that was there.

The Struts consists of vocalist Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliot, and drummer Gethin Davies.  Forming in 2010 makes them a relatively young band; however, you would never be able to guess that.  These guys grab your attention as son as they take the stage.  They are absolutely mesmerizing.  Luke Spiller is such a commanding front man.  He remains engaged with the crowd throughout the entire set.  In this day and age where alot of bands are getting into ruts of just getting on stage, performing their songs, and moving onto their next show, it is refreshing and enlightening to see a band who seems to genuinely love their craft and wants the crowd to become involved with their music.

Check out the bands website at for the latest tour dates, tickets, merch store, and links to their social media pages. I give The Struts 5 stars!!  Please check out their show while they are on tour, you will be glad you did.

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