Straight Line Stitch

I’m not much for female vocals in my rock music  I know it, people around me know it. I see a girl walk up on stage and I tend to go get a beer. Until…
Straight Line Stitch  knocked on the door, asked politely to come in and then proceeds to make themselves  at home in my “no girls allowed “club. Where have these guys been? Why haven’t I checked them out sooner? Oh yeah, my narrow scope of what Rock and Roll should be had deprived me of one of the best bands that  I have heard in awhile.
Once I put my preconceived opinions aside, I found an extremely precise, and solid metal band that pulls my emotions from the inside out. The vocals are so intense I can’t help but smile ear to ear. The band is fluid and flows as a single unit to deliver heart racing riffs and nonstop in your face metal that would open a circle pit in any venue guaranteed.
Straight Line Stitch has been around for quite some time and have many albums and ep’s under their belt, but after previewing their latest album “Transparency” set for release on June 30th I will guarantee this will be their biggest success to date it is outstanding. You can pre-Order the Transparency CD   Here.

Transparency Track Listing:

  1. Out of the Shadows
  2. Dark Matter
  3. Out of Body
  4. Face of God
  5. Wilderness
  6. Human Bondage


6/12/2015 Battle Creek MI The Music Factory
6/13/2015 Clarksville TN The Warehouse
6/14/2015 St. Louis MO The Ready Room
6/16/2015 Dallas TX Trees
6/17/2015 Houston TX Scout Bar
6/18/2015 Austin TX The Dirty Dog Bar
6/19/2015 San Antonio TX 210 Kapone’s
6/20/2015 Lubbock TX Jake’s Back Room
6/21/2015 El Paso TX Tricky Falls
6/22/2015 Albuquerque NM Launch Pad
6/23/2015 Phoenix AZ Club Red
6/24/2015 Las Vegas NV LVCS
6/25/2015 W.Hollywood CA Whisky A Go Go (ILL NINO + SLS ONLY)
6/26/2015 Fresno CA Fulton 55
6/27/2015 Long Beach CA Club Hydra
6/28/2015 Corona CA M15 Concert Bar


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