Sonny Sandoval

Sonny Sandoval Uproar 2012:

Sonny Sandoval, Lead singer of the band P.O.D. Humbled me from the second he came to meet us outside the bus.  With a great big smile he welcomed me and my wife and our photographer Ben. It was 1:40 and our interview was scheduled at 1:00 not because he was late but because WE were late.  The gates opened late and we were unable to get in on time.  He was concerned that he had missed us and was waiting for us at the scheduled time.
Sonny is the real deal, a true devoted husband, father, and a man of  faith that knows what he believes and who he is as a person.  And neither the music business or the world is going to tell him what to believe and what comes first in his life.
No amount of preparing on my part for this interview would have helped me, he was just so not what I was expecting.
Like when I asked Sonny when was it that you  realized you wanted to be a Rockstar?
Rockstar? I’ve never asked for this and I don’t see myself that way, my Family is 1st my kids travel with me.  True to what he was saying his kids were riding scooters around us as they smiled at Dad doing his job.
P.O.D. Headlined the Rockstar stage that day and I saw them all in a different way. They have never hidden their beliefs, but they showed me that they LIVE it too.
Check out P.O.D. New album Murdered Love and their video Lost in Forever

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