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We were recently able to catch up with the Italian band Soldiers of a Wrong War.  They recently released their new full length album “Countdowns” on April 18th.  Please check out our interview and their video for the song “Yeah” below.  If you like what you hear, head to their website or social media sites to keep up with them and purchase their music.
Could you give us a little history of the band?
Sure! We’re Soldiers Of A Wrong War, we’re a rock/alternative band and we play together since 2007. We released our first album, ‘Lights & Karma’, in 2011 and we just released our brand new album entitled ‘Countdowns’ which you should definitely check out right now!
How has feedback been for the new album so far?
Feedback has been great so far, we finally had the chance to share some brand new music with the whole world and it was really what we needed to do. It’s awesome to hear what our fans think about this new album but what we like the most is the fact that we’ll finally be able to present these new songs on stage, live in front of anyone who will be interested in finding some new good music to listen to!
What is your favorite song on Countdowns, and why?
Definitely ‘Clocks’. I remember so clearly the day that we wrote this song. See, I was trying to put that “we are like a clock, we just need time” in one of the songs for the new album and that day I was hanging with Luca at his place. After a while Difio joined us and he was like: “guys i got this riff, kinda dark, it goes like..”. As soon as I heard the instrumental it was hypnotic, I loved it! Then I asked him what was the vocal melody like and I realized I had finally found the perfect spot for that catchphrase. We wrote the whole lyrics and instrumental and the song was on fire, ready for the studio. We really feel a deep connection with the lyrics of this track more than any other lyrics on this album, i think that’s why it is our favourite song on Countdowns.
How do you go about writing your music? Is everyone in the band involved?
We write our songs all together. Usually Difio, the singer of the band, writes a first instrumental draft of the track, then we work all together to shpe it and dress it like a real song. As soon as we’re satisfied with how the song sounds, we track down a demo of it, so we can listen to it something like six hundred times more or less. In that way we understand what arrangements would work well on that track. Then we go to the studio, we record, mix, master everything and that’s how you get the Soldiers Of A Wrong War recipe for destruction!
Have you always known you wanted to be musicians?
I have to say yes! You feel it immediatly that first time that you fall in love with a band or an album in particular, you slowly start to realize how strong is the power of music and how this life becomes more colorful and enjoyable thanks to music. I just love making music more than anything else in my whole life, it gives you the tools to shape reality cause you can take something that was just a thought inside your head and make it a real thing, shareable with the whole world and able to connect you directly with thousands of strangers who feel exactly the same way that you do. 
Do you have any plans to tour outside of Italy in the near future?
Absolutely yes! Later this year we’ll do some EU/UK shows and we really hope to have the chance to come to the US to play some shows too, that would be absolutely dope.
Please tell us where people can get your music.
If you like what we do, just go follow us on our facebook and youtube accounts, you’re gonna find all the details about our music there! 
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