Scott Stapp at Make America Rock Again Tour

We recently attended the Make America Rock Again 2017 Tour in Wichita, Ks. at The Cotillion.  The show opened with the Wichita local band Waking the Sleeper, followed by Trapt, Sick Puppies, Drowning Pool, and finally Scott Stapp.

The last performance of the night was Scott Stapp.  We recently caught him at the Las Vegas festival as well when he was playing with Art of Anarchy.  He sounded amazing then, but hearing him do songs from Creed in Wichita blew me away.  He sounded absolutely wonderful.  His band was full of energy and engaged the crowd the whole set.  The night of the Wichita show just happened to be Scott’s birthday, so at the direction of Scott’s bass player, the entire crowd sang Happy Birthday to Scott.  Scott looked and sounded great.  It is so wonderful to see him back doing what he was meant to do.  Just seeing the performance Scott gave and being able to see him on stage again was more than worth the trip from Oklahoma City to Wichita.

Go to www.makeamericarockcom to get the dated for the remainder of this tour.  Or go to for more information on Scott and what he has going on.

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