Rocklahoma 2016

Rocklahoma brought back some old favorites and some of the newest bands, which is what the fans who would expect to have for the 10th anniversary of Rocklahoma.  There were bands from all over the world to play for the rock and roll fans.  The line-up was a perfect balance of everything this festival has brought to the fans over the last 10 years.  There was sure to be a band or artist there to please everyone.
This was our 9th year in attendance.  We regretfully missed the first year, but have not missed one since.  We have seen this festival become bigger and bigger over the years. The only thing better than the variety of music is the friends made during this festival.
For some fans the festival is 3 days packed full of music; however, for us it has always been 4 days.  We never miss the Thursday night pre-parties in the camp grounds. Between the Camp Jager stage and the Axis stage, there are more than plenty of bands to see to give the weekend the proper kick-off.  These pre-parties also give you a chance
to get up close and personal with some of the musicians.

There was plenty of our favorite Rocklahoma Alums like– P.O.D., THC, Pop Evil, and Steel Panther.  And they threw in some awesome great new bands to the line-up as well like-Sixx A.M., Red Sun Rising, Avitar, and my favorite new band Wilson

I want to spotlight some of the lesser known bands that were presented this year at Rocklahoma.

  1. The Hellectrokuters.  This band traveled to Oklahoma from Paris France!  They were High Energy and dripping in sweat when they finished their set, which can be described as full on 80’s metal reminiscent of AC/DC IMG_5266 IMG_5281


  1. Speaking of High Energy, Chaotic Resemblance is a non-stop, over the top Glam act that will blow you away with their live performance!  These guys are going to be a household name in the near future.  This is one of those bands that makes your heartbeat fast and smile from ear to ear.  They have the look as well as the talent to make it to the next level for sure. IMG_3940 IMG_3759 IMG_3918


  1. Ragdoll a band from down under has been one of the best received bands on the smaller stage that I have ever seen in our 9 years at the festival. And there is a good reason why.  Ragdoll has so much talent for a 3-piece band and they are constantly upping their game every year, this has kept them a very relevant band that everyone looks forward to seeing year after year.IMG_5191 IMG_5213 IMG_5201


  1. One of the newest bands at this years festival was Locust Grove. This band was placed on the bill even before their first live show as a band together was done.  This goes to show you the type of musicians they are.  They definitely did not disappoint! Zain has the persona of a young Zakk Wylde on stage and makes it a point to get down into the crowd in every show to show his appreciation to the fans.  Outstanding performance from every member of this band.IMG_4351 IMG_4405 IMG_4310


This was by far one of the most diverse years that I have seen to date.  Rocklahoma is finding the secret recipe for one of the best festivals in the United states.


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