Rocklahoma 2015 The Worlds Loudest Month

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We wait with anticipation all year long for what we call “Concert Season”, With us it all begins with Rocklahoma. This 3 day outdoor festival held in Pryor, Oklahoma  is going on its 9th year and has been gaining momentum every year with record breaking crowds topping the previous year.  

The festival is a Rock n Roll Buffet, From Current National bands all the way to the local unsigned bands that are on their way up.  It is non-stop action on 3 stages on the official festival grounds as well as Camp Jager and the Axis stage in the campgrounds which are always popular stops for the diehards between acts or after most have faded off to bed in their tents or R.V.

For those of you that have never been able to make it to Rocklahoma and are worried about fitting in with the locals, Don’t worry, in all the years I have been to Rocklahoma I have yet to see one single fight, not saying there hasn’t been any trouble, but I have done it all and I have never seen it.  It’s more of a family vibe everywhere you go, everyone is your friend because we are all here for the same reason, great  Rock n Roll and hanging out with like minded people.  Needless to say I have met some of the greatest people at Rocklahoma and our Rock n Roll family grows bigger, and bigger every year.

This years Headliners are, The always Requested Linkin Park, as well as Tesla, Godsmack, and Slayer.  The headliners alone show the true diversity of this Spectacular festival.

There are many choices as far as amenities and packages when it comes to your ticket purchases.

G.A., VIP, Groupie, Roadie, and the Rockstar Packages are all available, Check out what each has to offer here  I recommend nothing less than VIP.  VIP gives you Free beverages, including beer, and 2 Buffet style  meals a day.  You can’t beat that deal!


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Don’t Forget that the campgrounds are the after party, party every night.  Especially Camp Jager in conjunction with  Retrospect Records   they do a great job of securing great bands for their stage every night after the main stage closes down. Definately a place you will need to visit at least once.   


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