A Killers Confession



BleachBANGS was able to catch up with one of the hardest working people in the music industry today, Waylon Reavis. If you are unfamiliar with that name, I will throw out a name you may be familiar with…Mushroomhead. That’s right love him or hate him you know him! Waylon has grown and learned from every experience he has endured. Leading him to his latest project, “A Killers Confession”. The album “Unbroken” was released last month and they are setting off on a supporting tour with “Nonpoint” starting this weekend.

Have you ever wondered what Waylon would be doing if he wasn’t in the music industry? You may be really surprised! Or maybe you won’t.
Waylon is definitely the new style of musicians that understands that without the fans, there is no band. He has always been the type to stop and talk to everyone that approaches him and as you can tell in this interview, treats you as one of his best friends. This was the first time I have had the opportunity to talk to Waylon and he has earned a fan for life. His easygoing, my life is an open book approach to the world has earned a hell of a lot of respect from me for sure and I can’t wait to see what he has planned for the immediate future.
Speaking of immediate future, the band has also just announced 2 dates in Texas for “The Union Underground” reunion! Check out their social media for tour dates with “Nonpoint” as well as the dates for “The Union Underground”.

AKC Tour

Facebook: A Killers Confession

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Edge of Free Released Self-Titled Album on May 19th


Edge Of Free, the acoustic hard rock band from Nashville, TN, released its debut self-titled studio album on May 19th via Digitally Sound Records.  The album was produced by Toby Wright (Alice In Chains, Korn, Tantric, Metallica) and is an intimate collection of honest songs powered by guitarist John Hussey’s dynamic music and singer Scott Sneddon’s dark melodies, soaring choruses, and gut wrenching lyrics about depression, drug addiction and recovery.  Comprised of singer Scott Sneddon and guitarist John Hussey, Edge Of Free is modern rock with a combination of acoustic riffs, heavy guitars and heart-felt lyrics that are both melodic and hard-hitting.

If you are a fan of The Winery Dogs, you should really check out this album.  This is a very easy album to listen to.  You can’t help but actually feel the music and the lyrics when you listen.  This was very well written and executed even better.  This record is very highly recommended.  These guys did everything right when it comes to this record.

Edge Of Free Track Listing: 
01. Blood Eagle
02. Soul Of Your Grace
03. Pony
04. Higher
05. In My Time (Falling)
06. Autumn
07. Edge Of Free
08. Pushin’ The Needle


 For more  information, check out the band’s web properties:
Facebook: edgeoffree
Watch the video for “Pony” here:
Pony is really a dark horse” states Sneddon. “It’s a story about some really dark times in my life mixed with some of my favorite memories, hidden in a light-hearted melody – all of which really occurred in Nashville.  In one sense the video is a similar transformation as the song itself – it’s really us doing what we love, no acting, no scripted parts, just channeling the ghost the whole time!  The video cuts to scenes where I’m literally walking through the woods…and as in the song, I was lost and it was haunting to be in that place – the woods behind the Castle –  where all that heavy shit happened to me.”
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Russian Rock Band REMARK


REMARK is a young alternative band from Moscow, Russia. The history of REMARK has begun in 2009. Recent years, the band has attracted the attention of music lovers, not only in the capital, but in entire Russia.

REMARK once again proves that the set of talent, diligence and sense of musical taste always wins hearts of the most experienced listeners. Thanks to songs made with heart and high professionalism, REMARK is loved by many people – from alternative rock lovers to lyrical music listeners.

REMARK music is the symbol of victory. It fits perfectly to cinema, radio, various kinds of promotion and dynamic sports events.

Check out our interview with the band:

Could you give us a little background info on how the band came together?

We have been playing together since 2009. Denis and Ivan were schoolmates, after they entered to different universities. Later we met Yanas, he joined the band and became the lead vocalist. Now, after several changes, we have four members: YANAS – vocal, DEN – guitar, IVAN – bass, TIMI – drums.

How would you describe your music/sound to people who haven’t heard it yet?

There is a lot of energy in our music. I like what all the guys in the band are doing. In my turn, I try to make vocal parts very melodic and memorable. We also arrange our songs for a long time, until we are satisfied with the result. Maybe when our listeners hear our songs for the first time, they don’t hear and recognize the whole set of parts and instruments that sound on the record.

Have you guys always known you wanted to be musicians?

Yes, yes and yes again. This is our dream, our life and the main thing what we are doing now.

Was there one particular moment when you knew music was the path you wanted to take in life?

The turning point occurred when I was 13. I did everything I could. Swimming, guitar, vocal, theater, even dancing. It was time to choose one thing and at that moment on the Russian TV the first musical competition has shown. I looked at this shit and I realized that I wanted to do the same. So I decided to be a musician.

What do you think are some major differences between the music business in Russia and the USA?

Well, we have it just in the beginning. In the US, it is a monster of unprecedented size. We have much to learn how the things are. But still our country is different and there should be a different approach. Not only in Russia, but in most countries, the music business is not as well developed. In any case, your music will tell about you. And if you are really talented and want to succeed, no matter where you are from.

You have shared the stage with some very impressive musicians.  Was there ever a specific time you were star struck?

I would tell you about one band, which for sure many of the readers know. Or maybe not. When we were on the opening for SLASH, after us there was one more band from the UK – Raven Eye. This is a very harmonious and explosive band, with good sound and also very energetic. They played better than the main stars. So I advise everyone to listen Raven Eye.

Do you have any plans to tour outside of Russia in the near future? 

Oh sure. This is one of our main goals. After all, we are a band from Russia, but most of our songs are in english, so I do not see any obstacles for the population and rotation of our music outside the Russia. And I really love to perform live and travel as well.

Last, but not least, please tell people where they can go to get their hands on your music.

Yes, we are on all web resources – download our albums, watch our clips on YouTube and wait for the show!

Thank you get much for taking time to answer our questions.  We hope to see you touring the United States soon.

Thank you very much for the questions, hope to see all of your readers and fans at our shows soon!





Purchase Link – https://itunes.apple.com/ru/album/remark/id1075226224?l=en

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Art of Anarchy with John Moyer

Band Members
Scott Stapp (vocals)
Bumblefoot (guitar)
John Moyer (bass)
Jon Votta (guitar)
Vince Votta (drums)

BleachBANGS Music was able to catch up with John Moyer, bass player for the bands Disturbed and Art of Anarchy, while they were in Las Vegas for the Rock into Spring music festival hosted The M Resort.  John was full of great insight into the band Art of Anarchy.  John was a true veteran when it came to this interview, he was upbeat and ready to tell us everything about this awesome project he is proud to be part of. I wasn’t sure what to expect from John at first, but he became one of the easiest and one of the most informative interviews we have done. True class act! If you haven’t checked out their second album “The Madness” check it out on your favorite music outlet and don’t forget to request them on your local radio station as well.



IMG_2898 IMG_2904 IMG_2932 IMG_2936 IMG_2975 IMG_2984 IMG_3003 IMG_3027 IMG_3091 IMG_3136 IMG_3205 IMG_3237 IMG_3242 IMG_3255 IMG_3268 IMG_3299 IMG_3301 IMG_3439 IMG_3471 IMG_3552

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Mick Hayes Releases Official Music Video for “Hard 2 Explain”


Hot off the heels of his recognition by The Grammy Awards Committee in 2016 in the “Best Traditional R&B Performance” and “Best R&B Song” categories for his single “For Realski’s,” New York based Singer/Songwriter Mick Hayes has released the Official Music Video for his newest single, “Hard 2 Explain,” originally premiered on Huffington Post.

Please take a second to read our recent interview with Mick Hayes.  And go to his website, www.mickhayesmusic.com, to get links to purchase his music and check out the latest news and tour dates as they come.

I usually like to ask if music was always something you knew you wanted to do, but in reading about you, it is a no brainer. Were you the kid who was showing up all the other kids at the school talent shows?
Hey Christy, you have uncovered a few funny stories there! First one goes back to when I was 9 years old I was in the school talent show playing guitar and singing a song I wrote. I had a neighborhood friend who played drums and we rehearsed the song as a duo. That night in the wings of the stage, he backed out because of stage freight. LIKE, with his drums already set up on stage. So, I walked out with my shoulder length hair and black Members Only jacket and did my song alone.
The second one goes back to when I was 17 years old. I’m from a smaller town in NY and in our High School there weren’t to many musicians so age really didn’t play a factor. I had a close friend who was two grades ahead of me and when he graduated, he asked me to accompany him at his college talent show. We absolutely brought the house down and won the cash prize. Later that evening was my first dorm room party experience.
Was there ever anything else that peaked your interest, or has it always been music?
Yes, actually I have been working on cars since I was 11. That was my initial goal to build muscle drag cars, actually my senior quotes say nothing about my desire to be a professional artist. One of my parents told me at a young age that being a “recognized artist” was like trying to win the lottery. Well, today I’d like to think that I did win the lottery cause truthfully, I can’t believe some of the things music has done for me.
You have shared stages with some impressive acts. Was there any time specifically that you were completely star struck?
Yes, two in fact! When on stage with Stevie Wonder, you think to yourself “hey I’m on stage with Stevie Wonder” what a career accomplishment and then when he opens up his mouth and sings a riff there’s a mind-blowing moment when you remember every time you heard that voice in your life and you can only thank God for such an opportunity. You can see it on one of the videos. I literally throw my hands up in the air and look upward.
The other would be while I was on stage with Steve Vai and his band getting some songwriting advice on an original song I was stuck on. About 5 mins later he and his band were playing my song and helping me harvest the melody line. That’s a really special moment. The song ended up being “Discovery Divine” on my 2016 GUITAR&B CD.
Do you have any plans to tour anytime soon? If so, where would you like to go?
I’ve got some more writing and recording to do at the moment, the goal for me is September. I’m working locally, regionally and doing fly dates for the next few months. I hopefully want music to take me all over the world one day. Europe, Japan and South America are in my immediate hopes! Also, Maine, Washington State and Texas are “unconquered” states for me, I have to get there eventually.
I saw the nod from The Grammy Awards Committee, was that a surreal moment?
It really was because it was a song that I let get the better of me. That song (For Realski’s) went way over budget. It was a big production/throwback tune where I rented a B3 organ and Leslie speaker cabinet, paid for horn charts and a 4-piece horn section and multiple other costs including documentary video. When it came out as a digital only release, the sales were very low in the first 6 months. I did all I could at that time, but eventually pulled back on the heavy promotion, thinking maybe I was being too in your face about it with people. Then someone submitted that song for nomination  in 2 different categories and I was like whoa! Unfortunately, it only made it to round 2 out of 4, but that’s a HUGE pat on the
back and I intend to keep trying!
Since the release of the video for Hard 2 Explain, what can we expect next from you?
Another single/video release is being discussed possibly with some special guests and then a new CD release in September-ish of 2017. I have a trip to Nashville this month to meet some people and possibly another if I’ll attend the Summer NAMM show in June. It’s a great time to follow me on Twitter/Facebook and on my website at MickHayesMusic.com. This way you’re along for the ride.
Please let everyone know where they can pick up your music.
My music is available on iTunes. If you are old school like me and prefer a CD, please buy from MickHayesMusic.com. My last CD GUITAR&B is currently ON SALE the entire month of April.

New York singer/songwriter Mick Hayes is looking to bring rock n’ roll back to its soulful beginnings in a big way; continually evoking a classic sound more akin to 70s R&B. In a seemingly effortless blend of rock and soul, Hayes’s sound is at once nostalgic and fresh, from his arena rock guitar style to his sensual yet commanding lead vocals, Mick’s music transcends the boundaries of genres. – Chris Bianchi – Huffington Post

Music carries a different meaning for each of us. We all long to hear those songs that can bring us back to the roots of true American artistry; when it was about who we are, where we’ve been, and where we were heading. The kind of music you heard from the backseat of your parents’ station wagon, full of life and originality, harkening back to its beginnings while still being fresh and new. That’s where Mick Hayes comes in today. He melds our history, our present, and creates the future of the genre with his somehow familiar yet innovative sound influenced by styles from across America.

Having been recognized by The Grammy Awards Committee in 2016 in the “Best Traditional R&B Performance” and “Best R&B Song” categories for his single “For Realski’s,” Mick is looking forward to what the future brings.

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Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights



Hattiesburg, Mississippi-based Power Pop / Alternative Rockers Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights have released the Official Video their single, “Burn It Down.” Originally premiered on Relix, “Burn It Down” is the first single off of their forthcoming, debut EP, Give Up The Ghost, due Spring 2017.

We recently interviewed Paul Johnson about the new release and the band.  Check out out interview:

 How has the feedback been in the new EP so far?
We have released our first single, and music video for our single “Burn It Down” independently. So,  it’s an up hill climb for any band trying to blaze a trail on their own. I’ve been very happy with the feedback so far, and look forward to the full EP release on May 1, 2017. We want folks to give this band a chance. It’s only a matter of getting in their face, playing live, and making our music available. 
How long have you been making music?  And have you always known that music was what you wanted to do?
I have known I wanted to make music since I was very young. I fell in love with it very early, and would sing, and dance around my house. I started my first garage band while I was still in high school. No-one knew how to play, but me. They all smoked weed while I wrote songs. It never went anywhere.
If you weren’t a musician, what career path do you think you would be following?
If I wasn’t doing music any job where I was able to still live life, and not be a slave to cooperate America while still paying bills would work for me.
We have dear friends from Hattiesburg who are musicians, so we know that not every musician from that area has the “Southern Rock” sound.  Did you find that was a difficult stereotype to get out from under, or was it a non-issue?
It’s sometimes very difficult to understand the climate of any city. It’s a collage town so taste change rabidly as each passing day. I started “The About Last Nights” with the idea that we were gonna be different. We are not a collage band, we aren’t a cover band, and we aren’t folk or bluegrass. That puts us in a very small demographic, but that’s okay, we love being the underdogs, and making everything we do count for something.
How do you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard your music?
Rock n’ Roll… Power Pop with the emphasis on the power. High energy power pop with an emotive attitude.
Do you have any plans to tour to promote the new album?  If so, hopefully there will be an Oklahoma stop in there.
We do plan to tour for this album, we can’t wait to get on the road, and give people something different. We hope to hit Oklahoma for sure.
Please let everyone know where they can pick up the new album.
Our current single is available on iTunes for download as well as all popular streaming services. The “Burn It down’ video is on Youtube, and we encourage everyone to check it out.
Check out the video for “Burn It Down”

Paul Johnson & The About Last Nights may be from Mississippi, but this isn’t your traditional “southern rock. Singer/Songwriter Paul Johnson and Drummer Zack Lewis had a vision in mind, which was to play songs people want to sing, a kind of “Power Pop”, with the emphasis on “Power.” They unified on the principle of a “song first, honest music” mentality. High-energy rock n’ roll that draws from their influences like Cheap Trick and the Foo Fighters and at times the band recalls the performances of Weezer and Sloan in full-on rock mode, but never neglecting the art of the power balled. This is a band with a purpose, which is to make great music and have fun doing it and their live show prove that with reviews like:

Potent AC/DC-ish riffage kept aloft by crisp Tom Petty-ish harmonies, a passel of radio-ready rock songs built to appeal to everyone from fans of Pyromania-era Def Leppard, the anthemic paces of Smashing Pumpkins as well as the music that erupts from Active Rock radio today . — Mik Davis,The Chronical

Passion, the new music, and Live show are an example of that! I look forward to seeing/hearing people’s reaction to this great music from this great Rock n’ Roll band!Kevin Mckay, WKSM.COM, 99ROCK

Their Debut Album\EP Give Up The Ghost is on the way. Their new single and music video “Burn It Down” will be released March 2017. Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia at RCRD Recording Studios and engineered by Dan Dixon (Pls Pls, The dropSonic) with 1st engineer Patrick McConkey, and produced by Tuk Smith of The Biters. The band’s debut video and first single, “Burn It Down” was directed by Rahim aka “Video Rahim“, with videographers Chance White, Matthew Hurley 2nd, and Ashley Simpson as Producer. Special effects makeup and creature by Shane Morton from Silver Scream FX Lab.

Go to www.pauljohnsonmusic.com to keep up with news and info as well as links to social media sights.

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Maps to the Hollywood Scars (Alex Grossi)

BleachBANGS was able to catch up with Alex Grossi to discuss his latest project “Maps to the Hollywood Scars”. Teaming up with vocalist James Durbin, they released Vol. 1.

This E.P. Is a breath of fresh air and I for one can’t wait for Vol.2.

Check out our interview here and go get Maps to the Hollywood Scars Vol.1

February 17th, 2017 – AMERICAN IDOL finalist James Durbin and QUIET RIOT guitarist Alex Grossi have announced a collaboration entitled Maps To The HOLLYWOOD SCARS. Their first 5 song EP Volume One is being released worldwide via NEW OCEAN MEDIA today. It can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon and all digital and streaming outlets.

The first single being serviced to radio is the song Till Death. 

Recorded at Desert Moon Productions in Las Vegas, (a state of the art studio owned by Danny “The Count” Koker, star and creator of the History Channel’s hit show “Counting Cars”), Maps To The HOLLYWOOD SCARS showcases the darker side of Hollywood and the music industry as experienced by 2 people that have taken 2 different paths, yet ultimately found many common themes throughout their respective journeys. Volume One features a guest appearances by longtime GUNS N’ ROSES keyboardist Dizzy Reed, as well as programming and engineering by A.J. St. James (The Big 4, MTV).

“VOLUME ONE” track listing:

01. Roads
02. Till Death
03. Lost Boys
04. Abomination
05. Never Ending Ride

In 2011, James Durbin released the album, titled “Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster”. The album debuted at number 36 on the Billboard 200, at number eight on the Billboard Rock Chart, number 25 on the Digital Album Chart, and sold 28,000 the first week, The album went on to sell over 123,000 copies in the U.S. alone. Most recently, Durbin released “Riot On Sunset” in the summer of 2016.

“I have been a fan of James’s for a while, and after we got an impromptu chance to jam together in Las Vegas last fall, we kept in touch and the ideas just started flowing back and forth” says Alex Grossi “I feel that Maps To The HOLLYWOOD SCARS is a true labor of love and reflects a lot of where we have both been, as well as where we are both going musically” outside of what we are both known for”.

Alex Grossi has been a member of QUIET RIOT for over a decade, having been chosen by the late Kevin DuBrow and Frankie Banali to fill the guitar slot in 2004. The award winning QUIET RIOT documentary “Well Now You’re Here, There’s No Way Back” has been airing on Showtime since January 2015, and appeared at multiple high profile film festivals including the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. The movie is currently available via iTunes and on DVD at www.quietriotmovie.com.

James Durbin adds “It’s not very often that a project like this goes from nothing to something in such a short amount of time, without a slough of industry BS. Alex started sending me instrumental demos & gave me free range to just write! We started churning out songs one after the other & they weren’t losing their quality, they were getting better. I think that we stumbled upon a winning team and its only fair that we let our collective fans hear what we’ve been having so much fun making!”

The band is already putting the finishing touches on “Maps To The Hollywood Scars – Volume 2”. Set for a spring release, as well as their first video, which will be released in the coming weeks.

For more information, check out the band’s website:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hollywoodscars

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BleachBANGS/Shallow Side Interview 3/2/17

Members: Eric Boatright – Vocals

Cody Hampton – Bass/Guitar

Seth Trimble – Guitar/Keyboard

Heath Fields – Drums

Shallow Side is currently on the “Rebels and Renegades” tour with Seasons After, and we were lucky enough to catch them again when they stopped in OKC last week.  To say these boys have had an eventful tour would be an understatement.  From being overcharged by a hotel for their stay, to their RV breaking down and it taking longer to fix than they were told, then continuing the tour in a pickup towing their trailer, these boys were still in great spirits and delivered OKC with a kick ass show.  They drove overnight after getting their RV in St. Louis in order to make the show.

Shallow Side released their newest EP in January , and they played the current single from it titles “Can You Hear Me”, as well as my favorite song “Rebel”.  The OKC crowd went crazy when they played their version of “Renegade” by Styx.  This cover is absolutely amazing.  Eric’s vocals were meant for that song.

Make sure you check out their website or Facebook page for tour dates and get one of their shows.  They will blow you away.  If you give their Facebook page a “like”, you will see that they go “Facebook Live” every Sunday at 5 o’clock in whatever time zone they are in, and I will speak from experience…you don’t want to miss these.  These Alabama boys are hilarious!!!

Shallow Side is a rock band hailing from Alabama.  Combining the driving rhythms that push the core of pop music with aggressive guitar work, carefully constructed bass passages, and a voice that smashes into focus atop the platform laid down by the music, Shallow Side has crafted a new sound with the same “no holds barred” attitude that has kept rock n roll alive and kicking since its inception.

With 5 members, an EP recorded with Evan Coffman, at Starlight Studios in Orlando, FL, and 2 years of consistent tour experience, averaging 200+ shows a year, Shallow Side continues to push the envelope, providing a viable outlet for anyone looking for the future of hard rock..

IMG_9995 IMG_9964 IMG_9962 IMG_0359 IMG_0328 IMG_0290 IMG_0245 IMG_0197 IMG_0151 IMG_0145 IMG_0096 IMG_0091 IMG_0054 IMG_0048 IMG_0042 IMG_0032 IMG_0004




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BleachBANGS/Seasons After Interview 3/2/17

Seasons After celeased their latest album “Manifesto” back in November and they are Currently on the road with Shallow Side on the “Rebels and Renegades” Tour.  Jim reassured us that Seasons After are in it for the long haul despite the challenges that come along with being a totally independent band.  As a matter of fact even a canceled show won’t stop Seasons After from bringing music to their fans as in the case at a recent show in Texas where they took to the parking lot for an old fashion acoustic jam for the fans that came to see them. Check out this awesome fan video documenting this once in a lifetime experience!

The record truly is a roller-coaster ride that will draw the listener in with every dynamic change. Seasons After uses massive choruses and hooks mixed with heart-wrenching melodies and shrieking, chugging, glass shattering brutality to convey the true spirit and personality of the band. Front-man Tony Housh adds, “This album is the culmination of everything we have learned both as a signed and independent band, and as individuals over the years. We all stepped into this commitment together years ago, and this truly has become our Manifesto”.

Listeners can expect to experience a variety of emotions ranging from rage to bliss and everything in between. The band has truly arrived in thunderous fashion with this record and successfully bridged the gap and improved on their already vast catalog of songs. The desperation and longing for something more truly translates on this record. Having toured coast-to-coast multiple times, the band is primed and ready to do it again to further grow their already rabid fan-base, and showcase what their hard work and dedication have brought forth in the form of their newest release, Manifesto.



IMG_0371 IMG_0399 IMG_0419 IMG_0439 IMG_0449 IMG_0470 IMG_0474 IMG_0480 IMG_0512 IMG_0526 IMG_0533 IMG_0549 IMG_0567 IMG_0580 IMG_0601 IMG_0610 IMG_0620

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Blacktop Mojo set to release new album “Burn The Ships” on March 10th

MojoBlacktop Mojo, from Palestine, TX, is set to release their new album “Burn the Ships” on March 10th, 2017 0n Cuhmon Records.  To say these guys are great would be an extreme understatement.  I honesty have not heard an album this good in a long time.  There is a reason why these guys won the contest to open for Bon Jovi at the Dallas stop of the “This House Is Not For Sale” Tour.  The album open with the song called “Where the Wind Blows”, and it is a great introduction into what you are going to get throughout this album.

In my opinion, most bands now a days cannot pull off a good ballad.  The song “Prodigal” is the first ballad on this album, and it is phenomenal!!  The vocals in this song are out of this world.  This song is everything you would want from a ballad.  The last song on the album, “Underneath”, is the other ballad, which just proves that Matt’s vocals are no joke, and this band can pull off anything.

The song “8000 Lines” has a laid back and cool vibe to it.  “Pyromaniac” kicks ass with its slow intro and the progression into the heavier chorus.  They cover Aerosmith’s “Dream On” on this album as well.  They stuck with the original arrangement of this song with just enough of their own stamp on it, that you want to listen to it over and over.

This 13 track album has it all.  You would be hard pressed to find a single bad song on this one.

Blacktop Mojo is made up of: Matt James–Vocals, Ryan Kiefe– Lead Guitar/Vocals, Kenneth Irwin–Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, Nathan Gillis-Drums, and Matt Curtis-Bass.

“If Soundgarden and Lynyrd Skynyrd were to take a roll in the hay, nine months later, out would pop Blacktop Mojo.”
Formed in September 2012, armed with a simple demo and a dream, they set out to play as many shows as they could, touring and sharing the stage (with the likes of Aaron Lewis, Saving Abel, & Puddle of Mudd, among others.) During that time, Blacktop Mojo self-released their first studio album ‘I Am’ back in 2014.  Time has not been wasted since their debut album release.  Everything on this journey has led them to this most important moment in their career. The band’s latest offering, “Burn The Ships” is an instant rock’ n roll masterpiece. Featuring the soon to be classic songs “Where The Wind Blows” and “Dog On A Leash”. Produced by Philip Mosley and mixed and mastered by Austin Deptula. This latest album release will launch Blacktop Mojo into the elite company of some of the great rock bands of all time.

Mojo Album

Check out the band’s website www.blacktopmojo.com for more information, including links to their social media pages, merch store, and a link to pre-order “Burn The Ships”.

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