Nightwish in Oklahoma City at the Diamond Ballroom

Mere words cannot describe the experience I recently had when I attended the Nightwish show with special guests Sonata Arctica and Delain in Oklahoma City at the Diamond Ballroom.  I will admit I have not seen any of these three bands live.  I have been missing out!!  These three bands together make up the perfect tour.  They perfectly accompany each other.

Nightwish has a sound that is so beautiful.  It is a larger and grand sound that I feel is so rare and very much unlike the newer music being released by a majority of bands now a days.  This band still completely built on pure talent and love of the music and it shows.  Please get out and see them if they are on tour near you.  This was an absolutely amazing and inspiring experience.  Check out their website for tour dates, and links to their social media sites, fan clubs, partners, and endorsers at

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