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We were recently given the opportunity to interview the band New Disorder.  They are an Alternative Metal band from Rome Italy who formed in 2009.  Their album “Straight to the Pain” was released in North America on September 18th.  This album is definitely worth checking out.  Filled with a great balance of heavy guitar riffs, melodic vocals, and in your face bass lines.  For those of you who like the softer stuff, check out their song Lost in London as well as the acoustic version of the same song.

Here is the interview we conducted with the band.  The “rhythm section” answering the questions for New Disorder.

BleachBangs- How has the response been to the new CD “Straight to the Pain”?
(Ivano – Bassist): We’re in the middle of promotional phase and haven’t received sales’ report yet; but reviews – although few – have been almost all positive!

BleachBangs- Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
(Ivano): Well, they are different: some of us listen to Metalcore (Killswitch Engaged) as well as Classic Music too ( Bach, Chopin, Vivaldi); others range from Progressive Rock Metal (Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree) to Alternative Rock Metal and Crossover (Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down and Faith No More)
(Luca – Drummer) says: I’ve been recently thinking about it and sorted out that my influences are constantly changing with my experience and with the evolution of music I choose to listen to. So, I’m actually influenced by Marco Minneman and Gavin Harrison; by Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree mainly, but also by others projects of these two guys (eg.,’ The Aristocrats’ and Gavin’s jazz remake project of PT).
Of course I won’t forget to mention my “pillars” since I’ve taken the drumsticks for the first time (first drumsticks were Chinese restaurant sticks, of course) in chronological order: Green Day, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Nightwish, Dream Theater and Pain of Salvation.

BleachBangs- Who came up with the idea to use your children in the video for “A Senseless Tragedy (Bloodstreams)”? I love that idea, because it gives the video a more personal meaning to your families. Awesome idea.
I thank you for this question!…it was mine (Ivano Adamo)!…we needed children in the video but had no one to ask for! It was so nice shooting with them; we were two full families together with their children, and the band – and we shooted in our guitarist Alessandro’s flat. Such a positive experience that even turned out in uniting us more!

BleachBangs- How does the music writing process work with the band? Does everyone being in ideas, or is it a couple of you that do the writing?
(Ivano) It often happens during rehearsal time, while warming up and jamming before starting the set: a some idea comes out and the band tries to elaborate something on it ,or, later, one or two of us will keep working on it. On the other hand, one of us sometimes brings a quite structured idea at rehearsal, and we work on it together in order to fix sections according to everyone’s taste, both in arrangement and in sound.

BleachBangs- How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?
(Ivano) I would say it a quite “strong” genre, but the one that people like, ‘cos it’s…”catchy”!! Most of our songs have a very effective refrain, and Francesco’s voice is really melodic – and when his voice “plays” ballads it’s a done deal…! This album could be listened and liked by pop music estimators: but we won’t get paranoied and won’t set into the “class division” of music. We think music as a whole one, and we think music as a universal language: we are extremely pleased that very different people choose and listen to ours!!
(Luca) A sub-kind of metal with rude riffs and melodic voice mainly, plus some scream and growl.

BleachBangs- Have you always been interested in a career in music?
(Ivano) Of course yes! I wouldn’t deny it as the mostly unconfessed secret dream of everyone playing in a band, even though most musicians won’t think about the bad side of being in a “music business” – but the same works in every kind of business!! Passion drives us to our aims and goals and let us face even inevitable difficulties – and this goes and works in every field, not certainly only for music business!
(Luca) I was a football player. Then, the answer is ‘yes’ 

BleachBangs- If you weren’t a musician, what career path would you have chosen?
(Luca) Being Batman. LOL!!
(Ivano) my wife and I run a business, and that would be my only activity if I won’t make it in musical career. I run a studio rehearsal as well – so I would stay in music biz as well, if not…anyway!! I like it, even if it’s not the same thing: but what I really damn like is playing on stage!! 

BleachBangs- If I were to look at your IPod right now, what would I be most surprised to see in it?
(Ivano) You would be surprised at the fact that…I have not an IPod!! Ahahahahah!!…I usually listen to music from my pc or in my car – mainly from my pc while working at shifts at the studio rehearsal!! You would be surprised finding me listening to Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers but also to Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Bon Jovi!!!…wouldn’t you?!?…:)
(Luca) Probably, the fact that you wouldn’t find almost anything similar of our music.

BleachBangs- What is your favorite song on your album and why?
(Ivano) It’s a hard question to answer; I would say ‘Love Kills Anyway’ because it’s a hard, dynamic and straight song and has a very moving refrain; I always play it with great pleasure…and it’s also one of the few pieces which starts with a bass solo
(Luca) For me is Lost in London. Because there is more work on the dynamics and sounds with two solos/interludes very expressive on softly distortion gifted by ATR8 and a final explosion closed by an excellent sentimental solo by Occhio (Fabrizio Proietti’s nick name), best solo in his life, for now, he’s 22 😛 . And, more, in live session it’s my relax moment 

BleachBangs- Are there any plans to come to the U.S. to tour? If so, is there a time frame we can expect?
(Luca) Of course, is one of our targets. Mostly, there is a money frame.
(Ivano) Sure!!!…touring in the US is a dream that we share with every European band and we’re already working on it in the long run. We’ve hired the ‘High Road Publicity’ to prepare the ground for an eventual tour in late 2016 or early 2017; it will depend also on the interest shown by promoters in making us play – and maybe after the great, enormous sales’ success gained…ahahahah!!

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions do us. We look forward to seeing a live show.
Thank you for introducing us to your readers – hope really to see you soon…of course, with us on a stage!!

Check out their debut video:

Check their Facebook Page for band updates:

Special thanks to High Road Publicity for introducing us to New Disorder.


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