Mike Tramp

Mike Tramp Salina, Kansas:

It’s Not the normal “Rock Star” protocol, you would expect when Mike Tramp prepares to set out on his U.S. tour. Mike has far evolved from the pretty hair, tight jeans, and smile pretty for the camera days that sent him skyrocketing to the top of the rock scene with White Lion in the 80’s.
Today, Mike rents a car, loads a suitcase of CD’s and T-shirts, throws in his acoustic  guitar and he’s off. And that’s just how he wants it, no pretending he is still who he was years ago, and no one to answer to or ask if they need a potty break while trekking from show to show consisting of primarily smaller suburban towns.
After talking with Mike for only a minute you realize how intellectual and strong willed he really is, he will not give an inch if he doesn’t believe in it wholeheartedly.
Mike wears his scars from the music industry proudly because he has learned and adapted from every tough blow he has received.
There will be no pretty boy diva coming to entertain you with his full-on one man acoustic show comprised of a great mix of all time favorite White Lion “hits” as well as his latest release, “Cobblestone Street”.  So Full of emotion you won’t know if you should scream out loud or just say Amen, brother at the end of every song.  Mikes lyrics have always contained a solid storyline, but,  Cobblestone Street pushes his songwriting ability to go straight to the heart and make you feel what he is feeling with every verse.
Mike pulled up at the front of the club pulled out his guitar, and Merch. And walked right in the front door.  Once you see him in this awesome and intimate setting, you will just “Get” it. And you’ll be glad you were invited to spend a once in a lifetime evening of great music from a great guy. I know I am.
Randy Norris
BleachBANGS Radio


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