Mick Hayes Releases Official Music Video for “Hard 2 Explain”


Hot off the heels of his recognition by The Grammy Awards Committee in 2016 in the “Best Traditional R&B Performance” and “Best R&B Song” categories for his single “For Realski’s,” New York based Singer/Songwriter Mick Hayes has released the Official Music Video for his newest single, “Hard 2 Explain,” originally premiered on Huffington Post.

Please take a second to read our recent interview with Mick Hayes.  And go to his website, www.mickhayesmusic.com, to get links to purchase his music and check out the latest news and tour dates as they come.

I usually like to ask if music was always something you knew you wanted to do, but in reading about you, it is a no brainer. Were you the kid who was showing up all the other kids at the school talent shows?
Hey Christy, you have uncovered a few funny stories there! First one goes back to when I was 9 years old I was in the school talent show playing guitar and singing a song I wrote. I had a neighborhood friend who played drums and we rehearsed the song as a duo. That night in the wings of the stage, he backed out because of stage freight. LIKE, with his drums already set up on stage. So, I walked out with my shoulder length hair and black Members Only jacket and did my song alone.
The second one goes back to when I was 17 years old. I’m from a smaller town in NY and in our High School there weren’t to many musicians so age really didn’t play a factor. I had a close friend who was two grades ahead of me and when he graduated, he asked me to accompany him at his college talent show. We absolutely brought the house down and won the cash prize. Later that evening was my first dorm room party experience.
Was there ever anything else that peaked your interest, or has it always been music?
Yes, actually I have been working on cars since I was 11. That was my initial goal to build muscle drag cars, actually my senior quotes say nothing about my desire to be a professional artist. One of my parents told me at a young age that being a “recognized artist” was like trying to win the lottery. Well, today I’d like to think that I did win the lottery cause truthfully, I can’t believe some of the things music has done for me.
You have shared stages with some impressive acts. Was there any time specifically that you were completely star struck?
Yes, two in fact! When on stage with Stevie Wonder, you think to yourself “hey I’m on stage with Stevie Wonder” what a career accomplishment and then when he opens up his mouth and sings a riff there’s a mind-blowing moment when you remember every time you heard that voice in your life and you can only thank God for such an opportunity. You can see it on one of the videos. I literally throw my hands up in the air and look upward.
The other would be while I was on stage with Steve Vai and his band getting some songwriting advice on an original song I was stuck on. About 5 mins later he and his band were playing my song and helping me harvest the melody line. That’s a really special moment. The song ended up being “Discovery Divine” on my 2016 GUITAR&B CD.
Do you have any plans to tour anytime soon? If so, where would you like to go?
I’ve got some more writing and recording to do at the moment, the goal for me is September. I’m working locally, regionally and doing fly dates for the next few months. I hopefully want music to take me all over the world one day. Europe, Japan and South America are in my immediate hopes! Also, Maine, Washington State and Texas are “unconquered” states for me, I have to get there eventually.
I saw the nod from The Grammy Awards Committee, was that a surreal moment?
It really was because it was a song that I let get the better of me. That song (For Realski’s) went way over budget. It was a big production/throwback tune where I rented a B3 organ and Leslie speaker cabinet, paid for horn charts and a 4-piece horn section and multiple other costs including documentary video. When it came out as a digital only release, the sales were very low in the first 6 months. I did all I could at that time, but eventually pulled back on the heavy promotion, thinking maybe I was being too in your face about it with people. Then someone submitted that song for nomination  in 2 different categories and I was like whoa! Unfortunately, it only made it to round 2 out of 4, but that’s a HUGE pat on the
back and I intend to keep trying!
Since the release of the video for Hard 2 Explain, what can we expect next from you?
Another single/video release is being discussed possibly with some special guests and then a new CD release in September-ish of 2017. I have a trip to Nashville this month to meet some people and possibly another if I’ll attend the Summer NAMM show in June. It’s a great time to follow me on Twitter/Facebook and on my website at MickHayesMusic.com. This way you’re along for the ride.
Please let everyone know where they can pick up your music.
My music is available on iTunes. If you are old school like me and prefer a CD, please buy from MickHayesMusic.com. My last CD GUITAR&B is currently ON SALE the entire month of April.

New York singer/songwriter Mick Hayes is looking to bring rock n’ roll back to its soulful beginnings in a big way; continually evoking a classic sound more akin to 70s R&B. In a seemingly effortless blend of rock and soul, Hayes’s sound is at once nostalgic and fresh, from his arena rock guitar style to his sensual yet commanding lead vocals, Mick’s music transcends the boundaries of genres. – Chris Bianchi – Huffington Post

Music carries a different meaning for each of us. We all long to hear those songs that can bring us back to the roots of true American artistry; when it was about who we are, where we’ve been, and where we were heading. The kind of music you heard from the backseat of your parents’ station wagon, full of life and originality, harkening back to its beginnings while still being fresh and new. That’s where Mick Hayes comes in today. He melds our history, our present, and creates the future of the genre with his somehow familiar yet innovative sound influenced by styles from across America.

Having been recognized by The Grammy Awards Committee in 2016 in the “Best Traditional R&B Performance” and “Best R&B Song” categories for his single “For Realski’s,” Mick is looking forward to what the future brings.

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