Make America Rock Again Tour 2017

We recently attended the Make America Rock Again 2017 Tour in Wichita, Ks. at The Cotillion.  The show opened with the Wichita local band Waking the Sleeper, followed by Trapt, Sick Puppies, Drowning Pool, and finally Scott Stapp.  Unfortunately Adelita’s Way wasn’t scheduled for the Wichita stop; however, the rest of the bands on the bill definitely made up for it.

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When we arrived at the venue, the line of people to get in the building wrapped almost all the way around the side of the building.  Once we made it inside, the local band Waking the Sleeper was just finishing up their set.  Next up was Trapt.  As strange as it is, for some reason we have never caught a Trapt show.  We were very impressed.  They sounded great, and put on a great performance.

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After Trapt, it was time for Sick Puppies.  Personally, Sick Puppies are one of my favorite bands.  We had a chance to interview them over the summer at a Las Vegas festival and they are so humble, funny and down to earth.  And let’s be honest…Emma is a total bad ass.  She puts most guys to shame on that bass.  They definitely chose wisely in picking Bryan Scott as the new vocalist.  He has awesome vocals, and is an excellent showman.

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Drowning Pool was the next band in the line-up, and of course their insanely crazy energy brought everyone to their feet.  We have been able to catch Drowning Pool a handful of times, and you can always expect them to throw down and leave it all out on the stage.  They did not disappoint in Wichita that’s for sure.

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Last, but not least, the crowd was ready for Scott Stapp.  We recently caught him at the Las Vegas festival as well when he was playing with Art of Anarchy.  He sounded amazing then, but hearing him do songs from Creed in Wichita blew me away.  He sounded absolutely wonderful.  His band was full of energy and engaged the crowd the whole set.  The night of the Wichita show just happened to be Scott’s birthday, so at the direction of Scott’s bass player, the entire crowd sang Happy Birthday to Scott.  Scott looked and sounded great.  It is so wonderful to see him back doing what he was meant to do.

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Go to to check out the remaining dated for this tour.  Make sure to grab your tickets and get out to this show.  They are hitting alot of cities on this tour, so there is no excuse to miss it.

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