Here Come The Mummies

Here Come The Mummies

We were lucky enough to be able to conduct an e-mail interview with Here Come The Mummies a few days prior to their show in Oklahoma City on February 20th.  The interview will be posted below.  But first, how do I even begin to describe the experience of seeing this band live??  It is definitely unlike anything I have ever seen…in a good way.  I have been trying to figure out how to describe their music and all I can think of is funky, groovy, sexy, and fun.  Their live show is awesome and fun.  They are playful, choreographed and sexy on that stage.  This is a band I highly recommend catching.  No matter what kind of music you are into, these guys will have you smiling and enjoying every second of their show.

Check out their website at and check out their tour schedule or even some free downloads.


Our interview Questions were answered by Eddie Mummy (Drums), and unreliably translated and typed up glacially by Spaz (Keys).  We want to thank them for taking time to answer our questions.

1. After thousands of years where do you­ draw your inspiration from?

All around us… the weather, people (but not weather-people), rain, wind, sand, clouds, good eats, chicks, nature, a vigorous aerobic exercise regimen, math, coffee and pie, travel, cheese, rock formations, forestry, astronomy, plant-life, flowers, fishnets, fine musical instruments, crappy musical instruments, Swordfish Trombones, animals, pie… we like pie.

2. How would you describe your show to s­omeone who hasn’t seen it?

A high energy, supremely entertaining, frontal-assault on your inhibitions, featuring cunning songcraft, insane musicianship, and soaring vocals. 

3. Have you ever had an incident with ge­tting your wrap tangled up in something ­while on stage?

 This is the norm. Also we sometimes accidentally get some of the green room snacks into our mouths instead of on the floor where they belong.

4. What is your favorite song to play li­ve?

At the moment, “My Party” and “Hard at Work” are feeling pretty great. 

5. How do you guys keep your energy at s­uch a high level after thousands of year­s?

When you are true adorers of life, you naturally have high energy levels. Plus, we have a French press mated to a cardiac needle and brew Indonesian coffee strong enough to paralyze a zebra. 

6. Have any of you ever met Iron Maiden’­s Eddie? If so, was he a nice guy?

We have not as yet, but it’s a small world. Let us know if you want us to tell him anything for you. 

7. Are you guys hiding Michael Jackson u­nder any of those wraps? But seriously,­ if you could mummify any deceased music­ian to join your band, who would it be?

So many, too many! Maurice White, David Bowie, Otis Redding, Oscar Peterson, MJ, Curtis Mayfield… Franz Schubert… As to the living, we’d recruit Stevie Wonder, Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins, Donald Fagen, Al Green, Bruno Mars, Prince, is that too much to ask for? We think not.

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