Farm Rock Tulsa “Streets Gone Wild” 2016

Here in Oklahoma we have Rocklahoma, and several touring festivals that come through every year.  These festivals offer a great mix of new and older music to appease numerous people.  What Oklahoma has been missing; however, is an 80’s music festival.   Farm Rock Tulsa brought just that to the downtown streets of Tulsa on September 8-10, 2016.  They offered an acoustic pre-party on Thursday night with Mike Tramp and Kip Winger offering up amazingacoustic versions of our favorite 80’s White Lion and Winger songs. Friday evening and all day Saturday offered up even more 80’s favorites like Warrant, Night Ranger, Lillian Axe, and Queensryche just to name a few.   This was a perfect weekend that made you remember the days of big, bleached hair, and spandex. 

The organizers did a great job of making sure this festival was the right size, big enough to contain all of the stage, busses, and fans. But not so big that it looked like an empty house. It was just right and cozy for the concert-goers. 

A huge thank you goes out to Frederick Entertainment, Inc. for bringing this festival to Tulsa and giving us a chance to enjoy and relive our youth.  Thank you to the ladies of Six-PR in Tulsa for all their help and hard work keeping we media folks lined out.  


I know I speak for more than just those of us in Bleachbangs when I say I hope this festival will become an annual event in Tulsa. 





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