Eve to Adam Rok

Eve to Adam was by far one of the most entertaining  interviews of the weekend for me.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect when Taki sat down at our table for our scheduled interview.  Taki has a personality that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  This is a band that truly knows their role from the fans point of view and what a fan wants to see. And Eve to Adam goes above and beyond to make sure that’s what the fans  receive night after night in their live custom built performance.

Taki was very candid and upfront on what he feels the fans deserve in a Eve to Adam show, like getting to know the demographics of the city that  they are in and give a tailor-made show each and every time.  None of this repeat the same tired ass lines every single night, in every single city on the tour.  They like to get a feel for the city and the people and deliver a custom performance each and every time. Kudos to them for putting in more leg work than most of the touring bands at this moment.  Test it yourself, go see a band in Texas and 6 months later in Arkansas you will get the exact same show, the exact lead-in story to the songs. Don’t that shit just piss you off?  It should.

This was my first time to see Eve to Adam and I will tell you,  I was very surprised by the energy and chemistry they put into their live show.  If you have never heard of Eve to Adam shame on you! Check them out in the links and make sure you never miss them if they are within a 100 mile radius of you, you won’t be disappointed  I promise.  They will be touring with Saliva and Chevelle And many other great acts as well.


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