Diamond Lane

Diamond Lane…

Well what can I say about these lads? I became aware of the powerhouse that is Diamond Lane just about two years ago and immediately became a fan. This was just another case of finding a new band that I really dug and wondering when/if I might see them live…. Fast forward to a few days ago and I got what I wanted and then some!! Holy shitballs!! I watched this 5 piece light The Jam spot on fire. Slamming drums provided by Dave Vandiggity. Thundering bass by Ray Zhang. Screeching, melt your face guitars slung by Jarret Reis and Ian Mclaren. Last but certainly not least the wailing vocals of Brandon Baumann. I couldn’t stop smiling through the entire performance!! Watching these guys on stage was a gift. Consummate professionals. Not only were the songs played perfectly, but the band was having fun. Isn’t that what it’s all about??!! Watching them play off of one another was another treat. The best compliment I feel I can pay a band is telling them they are doing it right.

Diamond Lane… You are doing it right! They have cemented their place firmly in my top 5 and it will be hard to knock em loose. Get the Album “TERRORIZOR”. Everything you need is at www.diamondlanerocks.com

One thing I would like to add to this review is a massive thank you to both bands. There was an absolute horrible turnout for the show here in Albz. I myself was embarrassed. Maybe 5 people there when these guys took the stage. The thank you is for playing like there was 5 thousand. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Charlie Owens
The Hellion Rocks

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