Deuce Set To Drop Sophomore Album “Invincible” on December 1st


Portland based and Los Angeles bred rapper, producer, and singer, Deuce, has announced that his latest album “Invincible” will be released via Better Noise Records on December 1st.  The masked musician is vying for immortality with 14 new tracks representing his next, natural step from his 2012 debut solo album “Nine Lives”, which sold 100,000 units, received 33 million views on You Tube, and featured the hit single “America”.

Recorded in both Los Angeles and Portland, the recording process brought out polarizing emotions.  “The material we did in L.A. was a little angrier” Deuce explains, “in Portland it got more mellow and hip-hop.  I think you can hear the difference.”

“Invincible” includes “World On Fire”, “Bitch This Is It”, and the lead single “Here I Come” (out now on Better Noise Records), which features eerie keys and a chugging guitar and an unshakable hook, Until I die, I’m never fucking done.

If you like some rap mixed with your rock, this is definitely the album for you.  The diversity on this album is amazing.  You’ve got the kick ass rapping in “Hells Gonna Break Loose”, then you come to the melodic song “Thank You” showing off his softer vocal ability.  The final song on the album “Pull Me Under” is a song that you can just see him playing to the crowd to get them even more pumped up and excited.  This album is proof that Deuce is definitely not a one trick pony.  There is something for everyone on this album.


Head over to his website at to keep up with all the latest news and info.  You will also find the links to all his social media sites to make it even easier to keep up with all the latest Deuce news.


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