Delta Rose


Delta Rose….

The 4 piece known as Delta Rose is without question, full on bluesy, heavy, Rock n Roll. You can quote me on this “They are oozing Bluesy, ballsy, swagger, with the chops to back it up”. I didn’t quite know what to expect from them in a live performance. I was not disappointed in the least! Couldn’t have been, they wouldn’t have allowed it. From the rad originals such as “Chew me up”, or “Ain’t dead yet”, to the cover of Uncle Ted’s “Stranglehold”… they never missed a beat and put on for lack of a better term “one hell of a show”. The cover of Stranglehold by the way, was by far and away the best I’ve ever heard anyone do it!! Spencer Krasch, Forrest Goss, Steven Aulcy, and Mikey Herrea really know how to bring a show to the audience. This band has quickly become a top 5 for me!! Get the new Album “Golden”, and find everything you need at Do not miss them!!

Charlie Owens

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