Butcher Babies Oklahoma City


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You would have never been able to tell it was a Tuesday night when the Butcher Babies, Hatebreed, and Black Label Society came to town. Upon pulling into the parking lot, the line to get in the Diamond Ballroom In Oklahoma City  was almost all the way to the road. The venue was so packed with people you would have thought it was a weekend for sure.

The Butcher Babies are absolutely beautiful women; however, their show is anything but “glamorous”.  They bring their own brand of in your face metal that will knock you off your feet.  Don’t think for half a second that since they are “girls” that you won’t get all the metal you can handle.  These ladies will deliver more metal than you can handle.  They are kicking ass and taking names.  I was blown away the first time I saw the Butcher Babies, and they have only gotten better.  I can’t say enough great things about this band.  You just have to check them out for yourself.  If these ladies are in concert anywhere near you, do yourself a favor and catch their show. You will not be disappointed!!

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