Just when you thought Germany was known for their Stout, Heavy, must have lagers, in walks Twenty Dark Seven. Taking everything that makes Germany great, rolled up into one tight knit Rock ‘N’ Roll package.
Founded in 2013 By “Pump” founder Marcus Jürgens on vocals and guitarist Peter Wagner of “Wicked Temptation” fame.
Twenty Dark Seven had a few line-up changes before settling on Alex Jansen on bass, and Hans in ‘t Zandt on drums.
Now that we have the introductions squared away, These guys have taken Germany by the balls after recently signing with Metalapolis Records.
I love listening to Marcus’ melodic vocals, he can get the whole crowd singing along as well as get downright dirty and heavy. Peters guitar is a harmonic dream come true for any aspiring guitarist,  a mix of Randy Rhodes, Zakk Wylde, as well as George Lynch all thrown together. No doubt this man took cues from the best in metal history and present as his influence.

Don’t forget to check out  Metalapolis Records  for the best Rock has to offer!

Buy the new release “Roar” Here




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