BleachBANGS/Twelve Foot Ninja

Damon (Bass)
Kin (Vox)
Russ (Drums)
Stevic (Guitar)
Rohan (Guitar/Vox)
We were able to catch up with Australia natives Twelve Foot Ninja at Texas Mutiny.  Not only did we get an interview with a couple of members we were blessed to get the whole band! And as you can clearly hear in the interview,these guys are a BLAST!  They all have a quick wit, and love having a good time. You tell  they are loving what they do.  They are serious musicians don’t let their off the wall videos fool you this band oozes with talent.  
Their latest album: “Outlier” Released 2016 shows the diversity of this band with a Reggae infused Rock sound guaranteed to hook you in, and their live show is something you will just love! They were only in the states for 4 weeks and then back to Australia where they were hand picked by the band Disturbed to be on their bill.  One listen to Twelve Foot Ninja and you will see why.
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