BleachBANGS/Steve Blaze


Lilian Axe             

Brian Jones-Vocals

Steve Blaze-Guitar

Chris Brown-Bass

Sam Poitevent-Guitar

Ken Koudelka-Drums

From the early beginnings of BleachBANGS Steve Blaze of Lilian Axe has always held a special place in my heart. He was one of our earliest interviews when we started out on blogtalk radio. The whole time during the interview I was thinking this guy is great, so down to earth and easy to talk to. Later that year Lilian Axe was at Rocklahoma, and who do I see just mingling with the fans? Steve Blaze of course. So I decided to formally introduce myself and sure enough he remembered and was STILL the same person I had talked to on our show, a big smile, a how have you been? Glad you are all here! Genuine all the time. Steve is actually the one that made me realize I don’t need to be intimidated and not be scared to approach most musicians.

True to fashion when Lilian Axe came to Tulsa for Farm Rock, he was here early and was receptive to everyone who approached him as well as me for an interview.
Who would have known he has a T.V. show being shopped to networks? A ghost hunting show even! I can’t wait!

When Lilian Axe hit the stage in Tulsa they were flawless as always…apart from a brief technical problem with Sam’s guitar. This band is the real deal and true musicians.

So please enjoy this interview with Steve and make sure you check out the photos from Farm Rock Tulsa at the end.

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