Members: Eric Boatright – Vocals

Cody Hampton – Bass/Guitar

Seth Trimble – Guitar/Keyboard

Heath Fields – Drums

Shallow Side is a rock band hailing from Alabama.  Combining the driving rhythms that push the core of pop music with aggressive guitar work, carefully constructed bass passages, and a voice that smashes into focus atop the platform laid down by the music, Shallow Side has crafted a new sound with the same “no holds barred” attitude that has kept rock n roll alive and kicking since its inception.

With 5 members, an EP recorded with Evan Coffman, at Starlight Studios in Orlando, FL, and 2 years of consistent tour experience, averaging 200+ shows a year, Shallow Side continues to push the envelope, providing a viable outlet for anyone looking for the future of hard rock.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Eric at their recent tour stop in Oklahoma City.  I was greeted with arms wide open…literally.  Eric gave me a big hug as soon as we met him, which proves his Southern Charm is in full effect.  It also tells you that he is still grounded and humble, which is awesome in this day and age. It was so refreshing to ask a question and have the band take us on a full out tour of how it all happened in detail, like the snapping turtle incident, and I can’t even walk down the street without ending up in the E.R.  We had cameo appearances from every member of the band as well as even catching Pokemon in the parking lot together.  Just in talking to these guys you can tell they absolutely love what they do, which is a good thing, because they are great at it.  While talking to Eric he said before the band started he wasn’t sure if he had a voice or not.  When you hear his vocals, that is hard to believe.  His vocals are phenomenal!!   The whole band is super tight, and their music will leave a lasting impression on you.  Bands like Shallow Side definitely make our job worth while.  They are the reason we do what we do!!  Please give a listen to our interview with Shallow Side.

Check out the bands website for links to their merch store as well as news and tour dates.  Go to their Facebook page at  Follow these guys and make sure you get to a show if they are anywhere close to you.

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