After finally catching P.O.D. at the Uproar Festival in 2012 we had become Die-Hard fans.  Not only does Sonny demand respect on stage, One on One Sonny gives you his undivided attention and never makes you feel like you are wasting his time.  His laughs are genuine and he looks you directly in the eye while speaking to you.  

In a time that I am quickly losing respect for a lot of the bands on the music scene today, P.O.D. has re-inspired me and shown me that not all music is the same cookie-cutter, follow the pied piper, regurgitated tunes over and over. He proves that some bands still put their heart and soul into their music, and care about the product they are putting out.  P.O.D. Writes, and performs their music on their own terms, which has not been the easiest road to take but it’s the ONLY one they would choose to take again.  True to themselves, True to their music, and always true to their fans.

Check out P.O.D.’s new album “The Awakening” featuring “This Goes Out to You” HERE



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