BleachBANGS/Oblivious Signal

Vocals: Cristina
Guitar: Nick
Bass: Greg
Drums: Jason
Signed: Pavement Entertainment
The best thing about being part of BleachBANGS is getting to meet some of the best, hard working bands in the country. And Oblivious Signal fits into that category. Hailing from South Florida, this highly motivated and business savvy band has set out on a tour called “Decode the West” in support of their album “Exordium” Where they are hitting areas of the country they have not been able to perform up until now.
Oblivious Signal is a female fronted band, and Cristina brings more energy and stage presence than any band that I have seen in the past year. She is little, but looks 6′ 6″ as she owns the stage. And her voice is strong, melodic, and full of emotion.
This band deserves to be on stage with all the National bands at all the festivals worldwide. They are the prime example hard work, focus, and determination can get you, Oblivious Signal is a band you need to keep your eyes open for and if you see them in your area of the world,  do yourself a favor and pack the house, you won’t regret a single minute!
Facebook: Oblivious Signal

Website: Oblivious Signal


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