BleachBANGS/Nonpoint 2016



Elias Soriano (Vocals),

Robb Rivera (Drums),

Rasheed Thomas (Guitar / Vocals),

Adam Woloszyn (Bass),

BC Kochmit (Lead Guitar / Vocals)

Album:  The Poison Red

Release: July 2016


After 19 years in the making, Nonpoint releases their 9th studio album, “Poison The Red”. Self produced with Bob Ruccia, this album comes out swinging with the first single “Generation Idiot”.

I have known about Nonpoint for years, I love their song “Bullet with a Name” and have it on steady rotation on my ipod, but up until this month I have never caught one of their live shows,  So when we heard they would be in town with Buckcherry it was no-brainer we had to be front and center!

Nonpoint has stayed relevant and a solid Rock ‘n Roll force for 19 years and after seeing them perform it’s perfectly evident, they are not going away anytime soon.  The pure raw energy keeps fans looking to the guy next to them and screaming Fuck Yeah! (I saw this multiple times that evening).

BleachBANGS was lucky enough to talk to Bassist Adam Woloszyn before the show and get a bit of insight on how this Rock ‘n Roll super force keeps striking back year after year, album after album.

Grab a copy of the newest album “Poison the Red” on their website, or better yet head to Best Buy to get an extra 2 bonus song!

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