BleachBANGS/Gemini Syndrome

After having an awesome interview with Aaron Nordstrom, we were able to
watch the Gemini Syndrome show.  This is only the second time we have
been able to see their set, and it was just as amazing as when we saw
Them at Rocklahoma 2014.  They proved that no matter how small the
stage, they were still going to deliver an amazing performance.  The
Synners were out in full force to support their favorite band.  They are
Returning to the studio to finish up their sophomore album.  Make sure to
check out them out when they hit the road again.  Although a release
date has not been set for their new album, check their Facebook page and
website for updates.  While you are waiting pick up their first album
Lux if you haven’t yet.

Website: Gemini Syndrome

Lux Album: iTunes

FaceBook: Gemini Syndrome

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