BleachBANGS/Doll Skin 2016

Hailing from Arizona, Doll Skin has Definitely been earning their frequent traveling miles, as well as respect from Bands and fans alike along the way.

We were able to sit down and talk to these extremely talented ladies, and the last thing I told them was I was not going to be taken by surprise by them when I see them perform, I thought I knew how good they were.  I WAS WRONG! From the moment they walked on stage, they owned it.  The Vocals that Sydney was belting out, and her stage confidence was as fluid as someone that had been doing it for decades.  The rest of the band was as stage savvy as Sydney as they criss-crossed the stage making sure every side of the audience was getting a full dose of their energy.  This band is the real deal and Dave Ellefson was dead on when he took them under his wing.

I’m not going to mention their age because it shouldn’t matter, if you need to know that listen to the interview.  All you need to know is don’t under estimate them when you see them setting up.  And touring with Otep, Hell Yeah, Escape the Fate and many more does not happen unless the band is worthy.  Doll Skin IS worthy!

Check them out here:





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