BleachBANGS/All That Remains, Norman Ok

After the intro of “Jump Around” by House of Pain, All That Remains took
the stage for the first show on their headlining tour to promote the
Upcoming 7th album The Order of Things, which releases February 24th.
Of course, as soon as they took the stage the crowd went nuts.  They
started off the night with “No Knock”, a single from the new album,
which was awesome.  They played a perfect mix of the crowd favorites as
well as adding a few of the new songs as well.  The best part of the
evening for me was when Phil told the crowd to get out their cell phones
and record the song “Pernicious”.  He said this was the first time fans
had heard it, and it was absolutely AWESOME!!!  He told the fans to put
that shit on You Tube, and they did just that.  I highly suggest looking
it up and giving it a listen, you will not be disappointed.  And don’t
forget to get the album on February 24th, if you haven’t pre-ordered it
already.  It will be worth it.  Make plans to go to their live show if
they are coming to your town.

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