BleachBANGS/All That Remains

Members: Philip Labonte – vocals                              Label: Razor & Tie
Mike Martin – guitar                                                        Hometown: Springfield, MA
Oli Herbert – guitar                                                          Albums: 7
Jeanne Sagan – bass                                                         The Order of Things-2015
Jason Costa – drums                                                        A War You Cannot Win-2012
                                                                                                  For We Are Many-2010
                                                                                                  The Fall of Ideals-2006
                                                                                                  This Darkened Heart-2004
                                                                                                  Behind Silence and Solitude 2002


The band All That Remains never fails to impress me more and more every time I catch one of their shows.  I have seen them transform in amazing ways.  When I first heard All That Remains, they were a heavy, in your face metal band that I really liked.

I’ve seen many comments on-line about how the band has “Sold Out” on their latest release “The Order of Things”.  I disagree.  All That Remains have done a great job of evolving into what is relevant without “Selling Out”. This band is heavy and hard core at their roots, but that doesn’t mean they are afraid to play more melodic, slower tempo songs  such  as “What if I Was Nothing” or my favorite “This Probably Won’t End Well”.

I saw them recently at Kattfest in Okc, and they opened with 2 songs off of their new album, then took us back in time with gut wrenching vocals from Phil and pound your face against a brick wall riffs from Oli.

In my opinion, All That Remains is one of the best well rounded bands of 2015 because they are not scared to adapt, to change, and don’t give 2 shits if you want to hear a ballad at a show or not they will do it anyway… Then they rip off her prom dress and throw her to the floor.

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Website: All That Remains

Facebook: All That Remains

Label: Razor & Tie



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