BleachBANGS/9Electric “Not-So Silent Night”


                                                     9Electric “Not-So Silent Night” Tour

After my first failed attempt with an audio interview, we were able to redeem ourselves in Wichita, Ks. on December 1st when Ron, lead vocalist of the band 9Electric, agreed to have us join him for an  in person interview.
Only the third day into their grueling, month long tour with Drowning Pool, Gemini Syndrome, and Red Tide Rising titled the “Not so Silent Night” tour.
Ron and the rest of the band were extremely down to earth, and greeted us all not with a hand shake but a huge hug as they ushered us onto the bus to talk business.
Being original Kansas residents we were excited to see some of our good friends who are also avid concert goers as well, one actually traveled 5 hours to the show at The Cotillion.
BleachBANGS has already had the opportunity to experience 9Electric’s live show and we have been singing their praises since we first saw them in 2015.
9Electric definitely made many, many  new fans as the energy poured out all over the stage and turned the entire audience into an adrenaline fueled party! Ron wasn’t shy about getting out into the crowd when he crowd surfed and made friends with everyone he contacted, including a couple of young new concert goers who couldn’t have been more than 12 or 13 years old. Class act all the way! And the performance was flawless the entire band looked and sounded like veterans that had been doing this for decades. There is no denying everyone in this band loves what they do, and want to make sure everyone in attendance gets their money’s worth.
Check out their debut full length album “ The Damaged Ones” and if your city is on their tour schedule, this is one you won’t regret not getting much sleep before work the next day!





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