Art of Anarchy with John Moyer

Band Members
Scott Stapp (vocals)
Bumblefoot (guitar)
John Moyer (bass)
Jon Votta (guitar)
Vince Votta (drums)

BleachBANGS Music was able to catch up with John Moyer, bass player for the bands Disturbed and Art of Anarchy, while they were in Las Vegas for the Rock into Spring music festival hosted The M Resort.  John was full of great insight into the band Art of Anarchy.  John was a true veteran when it came to this interview, he was upbeat and ready to tell us everything about this awesome project he is proud to be part of. I wasn’t sure what to expect from John at first, but he became one of the easiest and one of the most informative interviews we have done. True class act! If you haven’t checked out their second album “The Madness” check it out on your favorite music outlet and don’t forget to request them on your local radio station as well.



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