All That Remains in Tulsa at Cain’s Ballroom 12/6/17

On Wednesday, December 6th, we had the chance to see All That Remains along with Alter Bridge and Sons of Texas at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa and we were not going to pass up that chance.  We never pass up the opportunity to see All That Remains when they are nearby.

IMG_8818 IMG_8848

There aren’t very many bands out there who are diverse as this band is.  One minute Phil is singing the ballad, “What If I Was Nothing”, and the next minute he is screaming and growling the heavy, thrash song “No Knock”.  I was very pleased to hear my personal favorite song, “This Probably Won’t End Well”.

IMG_8868 IMG_8890

You would be hard pressed to put together a list of bands that can pull off the range of diversity on a set list like All That Remains can.  And they make it look effortless.  It definitely explains why they have stayed in this business for almost 20 years.


All That Remains is all set to wrap up this tour on December 23rd in Montreal, Canada.  Keep an eye on their website for updates and links to their social media pages to be the first to know about new tour dates and new info.

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