A Killers Confession



BleachBANGS was able to catch up with one of the hardest working people in the music industry today, Waylon Reavis. If you are unfamiliar with that name, I will throw out a name you may be familiar with…Mushroomhead. That’s right love him or hate him you know him! Waylon has grown and learned from every experience he has endured. Leading him to his latest project, “A Killers Confession”. The album “Unbroken” was released last month and they are setting off on a supporting tour with “Nonpoint” starting this weekend.

Have you ever wondered what Waylon would be doing if he wasn’t in the music industry? You may be really surprised! Or maybe you won’t.
Waylon is definitely the new style of musicians that understands that without the fans, there is no band. He has always been the type to stop and talk to everyone that approaches him and as you can tell in this interview, treats you as one of his best friends. This was the first time I have had the opportunity to talk to Waylon and he has earned a fan for life. His easygoing, my life is an open book approach to the world has earned a hell of a lot of respect from me for sure and I can’t wait to see what he has planned for the immediate future.
Speaking of immediate future, the band has also just announced 2 dates in Texas for “The Union Underground” reunion! Check out their social media for tour dates with “Nonpoint” as well as the dates for “The Union Underground”.

AKC Tour

Facebook: A Killers Confession

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Edge of Free Released Self-Titled Album on May 19th


Edge Of Free, the acoustic hard rock band from Nashville, TN, released its debut self-titled studio album on May 19th via Digitally Sound Records.  The album was produced by Toby Wright (Alice In Chains, Korn, Tantric, Metallica) and is an intimate collection of honest songs powered by guitarist John Hussey’s dynamic music and singer Scott Sneddon’s dark melodies, soaring choruses, and gut wrenching lyrics about depression, drug addiction and recovery.  Comprised of singer Scott Sneddon and guitarist John Hussey, Edge Of Free is modern rock with a combination of acoustic riffs, heavy guitars and heart-felt lyrics that are both melodic and hard-hitting.

If you are a fan of The Winery Dogs, you should really check out this album.  This is a very easy album to listen to.  You can’t help but actually feel the music and the lyrics when you listen.  This was very well written and executed even better.  This record is very highly recommended.  These guys did everything right when it comes to this record.

Edge Of Free Track Listing: 
01. Blood Eagle
02. Soul Of Your Grace
03. Pony
04. Higher
05. In My Time (Falling)
06. Autumn
07. Edge Of Free
08. Pushin’ The Needle


 For more  information, check out the band’s web properties:
Facebook: edgeoffree
Watch the video for “Pony” here:
Pony is really a dark horse” states Sneddon. “It’s a story about some really dark times in my life mixed with some of my favorite memories, hidden in a light-hearted melody – all of which really occurred in Nashville.  In one sense the video is a similar transformation as the song itself – it’s really us doing what we love, no acting, no scripted parts, just channeling the ghost the whole time!  The video cuts to scenes where I’m literally walking through the woods…and as in the song, I was lost and it was haunting to be in that place – the woods behind the Castle –  where all that heavy shit happened to me.”
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Russian Rock Band REMARK


REMARK is a young alternative band from Moscow, Russia. The history of REMARK has begun in 2009. Recent years, the band has attracted the attention of music lovers, not only in the capital, but in entire Russia.

REMARK once again proves that the set of talent, diligence and sense of musical taste always wins hearts of the most experienced listeners. Thanks to songs made with heart and high professionalism, REMARK is loved by many people – from alternative rock lovers to lyrical music listeners.

REMARK music is the symbol of victory. It fits perfectly to cinema, radio, various kinds of promotion and dynamic sports events.

Check out our interview with the band:

Could you give us a little background info on how the band came together?

We have been playing together since 2009. Denis and Ivan were schoolmates, after they entered to different universities. Later we met Yanas, he joined the band and became the lead vocalist. Now, after several changes, we have four members: YANAS – vocal, DEN – guitar, IVAN – bass, TIMI – drums.

How would you describe your music/sound to people who haven’t heard it yet?

There is a lot of energy in our music. I like what all the guys in the band are doing. In my turn, I try to make vocal parts very melodic and memorable. We also arrange our songs for a long time, until we are satisfied with the result. Maybe when our listeners hear our songs for the first time, they don’t hear and recognize the whole set of parts and instruments that sound on the record.

Have you guys always known you wanted to be musicians?

Yes, yes and yes again. This is our dream, our life and the main thing what we are doing now.

Was there one particular moment when you knew music was the path you wanted to take in life?

The turning point occurred when I was 13. I did everything I could. Swimming, guitar, vocal, theater, even dancing. It was time to choose one thing and at that moment on the Russian TV the first musical competition has shown. I looked at this shit and I realized that I wanted to do the same. So I decided to be a musician.

What do you think are some major differences between the music business in Russia and the USA?

Well, we have it just in the beginning. In the US, it is a monster of unprecedented size. We have much to learn how the things are. But still our country is different and there should be a different approach. Not only in Russia, but in most countries, the music business is not as well developed. In any case, your music will tell about you. And if you are really talented and want to succeed, no matter where you are from.

You have shared the stage with some very impressive musicians.  Was there ever a specific time you were star struck?

I would tell you about one band, which for sure many of the readers know. Or maybe not. When we were on the opening for SLASH, after us there was one more band from the UK – Raven Eye. This is a very harmonious and explosive band, with good sound and also very energetic. They played better than the main stars. So I advise everyone to listen Raven Eye.

Do you have any plans to tour outside of Russia in the near future? 

Oh sure. This is one of our main goals. After all, we are a band from Russia, but most of our songs are in english, so I do not see any obstacles for the population and rotation of our music outside the Russia. And I really love to perform live and travel as well.

Last, but not least, please tell people where they can go to get their hands on your music.

Yes, we are on all web resources – download our albums, watch our clips on YouTube and wait for the show!

Thank you get much for taking time to answer our questions.  We hope to see you touring the United States soon.

Thank you very much for the questions, hope to see all of your readers and fans at our shows soon!





Purchase Link – https://itunes.apple.com/ru/album/remark/id1075226224?l=en

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Art of Anarchy with John Moyer

Band Members
Scott Stapp (vocals)
Bumblefoot (guitar)
John Moyer (bass)
Jon Votta (guitar)
Vince Votta (drums)

BleachBANGS Music was able to catch up with John Moyer, bass player for the bands Disturbed and Art of Anarchy, while they were in Las Vegas for the Rock into Spring music festival hosted The M Resort.  John was full of great insight into the band Art of Anarchy.  John was a true veteran when it came to this interview, he was upbeat and ready to tell us everything about this awesome project he is proud to be part of. I wasn’t sure what to expect from John at first, but he became one of the easiest and one of the most informative interviews we have done. True class act! If you haven’t checked out their second album “The Madness” check it out on your favorite music outlet and don’t forget to request them on your local radio station as well.



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