BleachBANGS/Trauma of Hed P.E.

After missing HED P.E. the numerous times that they had been through our area in the last few years, I was ecstatic to finally be able to catch them this time around at the Farmers Market in downtown Oklahoma City with Mushroomhead. Bringing with them a phenomenal band called Unsaid Fate, led by vocalist Jackie LaPonza who is beautiful as well as powerful. Unsaid Fate brought us an early treat with Mushroomhead’s Church doing double duty on bass after the bands Bassist quit the band right before the tour… His loss for sure!
We were honored to be able to catch a quick interview with Trauma, the big haired outgoing and funny as hell drummer of Hed P.E.
Trauma tells us all about how the set list is chosen and the creative process behind the song writing. There is no doubt that this is a man that is happy to be where is and wants to share the love of music he has with everyone he comes in contact with. Trauma let us know that true to the Hed P.E. standard, the next album fans can expect a whole new music fused with as many of their influences past and present as well as maybe some new combinations that have yet to be tried thus far in the world of music.
Aside from a few technical sound issues, Hed P.E. lit the stage on fire, with pure in your face blazing metal. Not many bands in this day and age have the diverse catalog of songs that these guys do. In my book, that shows amazing talent and drive. I vow to never miss another Hed P.E. show again when they come to town, and that’s a promise!




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