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How long has Night Argent been together?  Is this the original line-up?:

We’ve been Night Argent for just over a year, But the five of us have been playing music together for about 3 years. We spent our first year or two developing our sound and the direction for the band.


What has been the hardest part about being on the Vans Warped Tour?:

The hardest part so far has been the heat we dealt with in the Southwest. We’ve loved every minute of Warped Tour so far, but the days where it hit 100+ and we’re out in the sun all day were exhausting. But we’re doing what we love, so we can’t really complain.


What is your songwriting process like?:

We start with lyrics, melody, and the basic chord structure. From there we work in our studio building up production around the song, and once we get it to a point that we’re excited to start showing people, we start working it into our live set. Our songs develop the most when we play them live, we’ve structured our sound around the idea that we want to give our fans the live experience even if they’re just listening on their headphones.


Have you   been star-struck in the last 2 years? By who?:

We’ve had the opportunity to play with and meet some amazing established artists that we really respect, but they’ve always made us feel like family, and made us realize that these goals we have set for ourselves are attainable. Meeting these artists like Imagine Dragons, Parachute,  and Andy Grammar, really opened our eyes to the fact that they’re working just as hard as we are to make a living doing what they love. It’s been really inspiring.


Are you able to get any breaks in the Warped Tour?  If so, what do you do in your downtime?:

Warped Tour is pretty non stop, but when we do get some downtime we all grab our longboards and hit the town exploring. Our second stop was in Ventura, CA right on the Pacific Ocean. We all got a chance to ride our longboards down the board walk, and then hop in the water. It’s important that we find time to do stuff like that as a group of friends, rather than having everything be about just our music. We want to create as many unique memories and experiences as possible.


Tell me about the events leading to Night Argent being put on the Warped Tour.:

We were part of the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, and we got selected to play the finals in L.A. opening up for The Devil Wears Prada at the Fonda Theatre. We ended up winning the whole battle, and Kevin Lyman gave us a spot on this years Warped Tour. It was all pretty surreal, and now we’re having the time of our lives.


Chase, tell me more about ProjectHustle by Vitamin Water.  Your project looks amazing! What a great way to give back to artists in a way that really helps them on many levels.:

We’ve been so blessed by the support system we have between our friends, family and fans. Not every band has that same support behind them, so our goal is to create a space for those independent artists to really build a community around to support one another. We actually just reached our goal today, and our new performance studio ‘The Scarlet Room’ is being funded by vitaminwater. 

Check out this awesome project!!

Tell me about all the plans for Night Argent for the rest of the year, what can we look forward to in the months to come?:

After Warped Tour we’re playing the Gentleman of the Road festival with Foo Fighters and Mumford and Sons, then we are shooting our next music video and starting work on an EP with John Feldmann. We’ve got a busy year ahead of us, but we can’t wait to share everything we’ve been working on.



If I took your iphone/ipod what would I expect to be listening to?:

All of us have a huge variety in taste, you’ll hear everything from John Mayer to Tove lo, and Seven Lions to Johnny Cash. There’s no telling what kind of music will pop up when one of us has our phones set to shuffle.


If you want to check out our music you can see our debut music video at Or find us on your favorite social media sites by searching ‘Night Argent.’ We appreciate the support and can’t wait to see you on tour!


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An Evening With 311

On Monday, July 6th, the 311 tour billed as “An Evening With 311” made a stop at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City and I was lucky enough to be in attendance. The venue was packed full of fans of all ages. For this concert there were no “opening bands”, so you knew the crowd packing the place was there to see 311. Once the clock hit 8:30 the crowd started chanting 311…311…311…anticipating one their favorite bands taking the stage. Once the band took the stage there was no denying the energy level in the room.
Although there was not a lot of banter and chatting between songs, which to me proves that these guys have still got it and don’t need too much “down time” or “breaks”, it did not hinder the crowds interest one bit. I watched the fans get more and more excited with each song, and they were singing along to every song. I made it a point to keep an eye on social media leading up to this show to see what the general response was going to be from the local crowd, which was amazing. People were gushing about 311. While at the show, I then tried to listen on conversations as I passed through the crowd to take it all in and all I heard were people raving about the show and singing along. The only thing that would have made the show better is if the stage was set up on the beach and I had my toes in the sand and sipping on a fruity cocktail.
There is a reason these guys are still making music and touring after all these years. I hope you take the time and make it a point to check out 311 if they are coming to your area. Check their tour dates at I am glad I did.
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