Well, 20 minutes into the “Oklahoma Purge” and nobody has come by to visit yet. Not sure if I should be offended or not.

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Still A work in Progress

Thanks Everyone checking us out so far!  This site is still a work in progress, lots of things are not added yet but soon will be.  We look forward to having lots of great concert footage as well as entertaining interviews in the very near future.  We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.  And we hope to be your one stop for great footage and festival consumption.

Thanks a Million,

Randy Norris

BleachBANGS Radio

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Mushroomhead Mayhem 2014


I have never been blessed with the opportunity To see a Musroomhead show (I know, where have I been?) They have played Oklahoma City numerous times in recent history But as often is the case, life has other things it thinks I need to be doing… Usually work.
But I am so glad I was able to catch this awesome stage performance as well as get to sit and talk with J Mann for an interview afterwards. I was joined by my wife, Zain, and Levi of Anti-Mortem (huge fans themselves) And of course My daughter Rebecca did an excellent job with the questions and research in anticipation for this interview.
I have formed a new respect for this band in the way they treat their fans and how open and approachable they are. Not to mention the stage show, WOW! Crowd surfing on an inflatable Shamu, water drums, and non-stop action on stage, keeping you pumped up from start to finish. I will say, I will never miss another Mushroomhead show when they come to town that’s for sure.
Thanks to J Mann, Everyone Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, and everyone at Adrenaline PR for such an outstanding Festival<span id=”59a9fc15-ac67-4f96-9f08-24c84b6b3d9f” class=”GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark”> .</span>
Randy Norris
BleachBANGS Radio

Check out all of the Photos here:


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Kill Devil Hill Rocklahoma



This is our interview with Dewey Bragg, and Mark Zavon from Kill Devil Hill.  Thanks a Million Guys.

What an honor it was to sit down and talk with Kill Devil Hill at Rocklahoma in May.  I have never been able to catch these guys before now, and  I am hooked!  Straight up metal to the face along with melodic hooks to keep you singing their songs under your breath for hours after.

Kill Devil Hill Headlined the Hard Rock Stage  Saturday night and was by far the best band I was able to catch all weekend.  I rarely left the media tent but after being treated so well during the interview there was no way I was missing their set.

We had mentioned to them what a party Rocklahoma can really be. We recently heard from friends who run Camp Jager, an after party stage area in the campgrounds for the ones who don’t wanna go to bed yet, and we were told that Mark and Dewey headed out to party with the fans.

It was great to see Dewey on stage with Black Label Society and Down as well. Its always amazing to meet and interview humble people who love to support music like we do!


REX BROWN – bass
MARK ZAVON – guitar
DEWEY BRAGG – vocals


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Mike Tramp Salina Kansas

It’s Not the normal “Rock Star” protocol, you would expect when Mike Tramp prepares to set out on his U.S. tour. Mike has far evolved from the pretty hair, tight jeans, and smile pretty for the camera days that sent him skyrocketing to the top of the rock scene with White Lion in the 80’s.
Today, Mike rents a car, loads a suitcase of CD’s and T-shirts, throws in his acoustic  guitar and he’s off. And that’s just how he wants it, no pretending he is still who he was years ago, and no one to answer to or ask if they need a potty break while trekking from show to show consisting of primarily smaller suburban towns.
After talking with Mike for only a minute you realize how intellectual and strong willed he really is, he will not give an inch if he doesn’t believe in it wholeheartedly.
Mike wears his scars from the music industry proudly because he has learned and adapted from every tough blow he has received.
There will be no pretty boy diva coming to entertain you with his full-on one man acoustic show comprised of a great mix of all time favorite White Lion “hits” as well as his latest release, “Cobblestone Street”.  So Full of emotion you won’t know if you should scream out loud or just say Amen, brother at the end of every song.  Mikes lyrics have always contained a solid storyline, but,  Cobblestone Street pushes his songwriting ability to go straight to the heart and make you feel what he is feeling with every verse.
Mike pulled up at the front of the club pulled out his guitar, and Merch. And walked right in the front door.  Once you see him in this awesome and intimate setting, you will just “Get” it. And you’ll be glad you were invited to spend a once in a lifetime evening of great music from a great guy. I know I am.
Randy Norris
BleachBANGS Radio

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Candlelight Red

Ryan 547821_4990350955710_576936393_n Brian Brian in action Jeremy on Bus Ryan rYAN PLAYING US NEW SONGS


Ryan pumping crowd When I Found out one of the hardest working bands out touring in my opinion was coming to Oklahoma city I was so excited to see what they have been up to since we last talked to them in K.C. on the Uproar tour.  So thanks to Rizzo CLR tour manager for setting up another chance to check in with Candlelight Red.

We were Lucky enough to catch up and talk with Jeremy (guitarist) And Ryan (vocals) at the Oklahoma City Show to help us fill in the gaps of what’s been happening in the Candlelight Red camp.

After the Rockstar Energy Festival CLR jumped straight into a tour of the NE with Chris Jericho, and Rich Ward’s Band FOZZY. Directly followed by heading into the studio to record 9 new songs with Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose.  The album is scheduled for release in about 6 weeks and will include all of the songs off of the Demons EP.  The amazing part of this album is not only the music itself, but the time it took to record, 2 weeks start to finish which to me is unbelievable considering they have been perpetually on tour.  Some of the songs were actually written the same day that they were recorded (over morning coffee heading to the studio)!  Just goes to show what talented musicians these guys truly are.  There music is riveting and intense,  but combined with the high energy, in your face, crowd centered live performance it’s like a shotgun blast with both barrels to the face.

After Recording the album Candlelight Red headed out with NonPoint, then joined Sevendust/Lacuna Coil/Coal Chamber.

Candlelight Red never fails to amaze and just keep getting better every time around.  If they are within a 200 mile trip do yourself a favor and catch these guys!

Don’t forget to pick up The wreckage: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-wreckage/id466044783 Demons EP:


And mark your calendar and stay glued to http://www.candlelightred.com/band/ for information on the release of the new album!

Randy Norris

BleachBANGS Radio


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Sonny Sandoval

Sonny Sandoval, Lead singer of the band P.O.D. Humbled me from the second he came to meet us outside the bus.  With a great big smile he welcomed me and my wife and our photographer Ben. It was 1:40 and our interview was scheduled at 1:00 not because he was late but because WE were late.  The gates opened late and we were unable to get in on time.  He was concerned that he had missed us and was waiting for us at the scheduled time.
Sonny is the real deal, a true devoted husband, father, and a man of  faith that knows what he believes and who he is as person.  And neither the music business or the world is going to tell him what to believe and what comes first in his life.
No amount of preparing on my part for this interview would have helped me, he was just so not what I was expecting.
Like when I asked Sonny when was it that you  realized you wanted to be a Rockstar?
Rockstar? I’ve never asked for this and I don’t see myself that way, my Family is 1st my kids travel with me.  True to what he was saying his kids were riding scooters around us as they smiled at Dad doing his job.
P.O.D. Headlined the Rockstar stage that day and I saw them all in a different way. They have never hidden their beliefs but they showed me that they LIVE it too.
Check out P.O.D. new album Murdered Love and their video Lost in Forever


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