Theory of a Deadman Blows Tour Halloween Show

What a great night to attend a Rock and Roll show, Halloween!  Theory of a Deadman were all decked out in their costumes.  They sounded amazing and more energetic than I remembered.  They started out with one of my favorites, LowLife, and continued to build excitement and energy.

I have always been a huge fan of Theory of a Deadman’s ability to not take everything so serious all the time, and tonight was a great example of how great their sense of humor is, it was so much better live!  They never disappoint.  We are already waiting for the next time they come to town.  If you have been living under a rock and haven’t caught their live show you are missing out.  Check their website for tour dates.  And of course check out their social media pages for updates and current news on the band.IMG_2280 IMG_2217 IMG_2169 IMG_2164 IMG_2153  IMG_2101 IMG_2084IMG_2106 IMG_2067 IMG_2037 IMG_2027 IMG_2004 IMG_1973 IMG_1963 IMG_1956


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New Rock-Metal Super Group Cyberstar


New Rock-Metal Supergroup CYBERSTAR Release Debut Lyric Video “Eye For An Eye”


November 10, 2015 – New Rock-Metal Supergroup CYBERSTAR featuring Vocalist Jasen Moreno (Drowning Pool), Guitarist Billy Grey (Fozzy), and Drummer Dusty Winterrowd (Allele) have released a lyric video for their debut single “Eye For An Eye“. The track which originally premiered with REVOLVER Magazine is the first to be released from the band’s upcoming debut EP out early next year. “Eye For An Eye” is available for purchase now on iTunes.

“Eye For An Eye” is a tune about not taking any shit and staying strong and never giving up.Billy Grey (CYBERSTAR)

Purchase CYBERSTAR’s “Eye For An Eye”:

iTunes | Amazon | Google Play


Facebook | Twitter | YouTube



New Rock-Metal Super Project CYBERSTAR was spawned when Vocalist Jasen Moreno (Drowning Pool) and Guitarist Billy Grey (Fozzy) met while on tour together in Europe and decided to get together to write some songs. With the addition of Drummer Dusty Winterrowd (Allele), great chemistry came together and the writing process began. The music and songs were constructed cyberly and an EP is in the works. The first 2 songs recorded for release are Eye for an Eye and Floods with show announcements soon to follow.

High Road Publicity - White Lettering

©2015 High Road Publicity | 120 K Street 2nd Floor Sacramento, CA 95814

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BleachBANGS/Escape the FATE

IMG_2910 IMG_2909 IMG_2903 IMG_2896 IMG_2887 IMG_2876 IMG_2865 IMG_2835 IMG_2740 IMG_2721 IMG_2644 IMG_2572 IMG_2543 IMG_2527 IMG_2510 IMG_2456 IMG_2451 IMG_2443 IMG_2365 IMG_2362


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New Disorder

We were recently given the opportunity to interview the band New Disorder.  They are an Alternative Metal band from Rome Italy who formed in 2009.  Their album “Straight to the Pain” was released in North America on September 18th.  This album is definitely worth checking out.  Filled with a great balance of heavy guitar riffs, melodic vocals, and in your face bass lines.  For those of you who like the softer stuff, check out their song Lost in London as well as the acoustic version of the same song.

Here is the interview we conducted with the band.  The “rhythm section” answering the questions for New Disorder.

BleachBangs- How has the response been to the new CD “Straight to the Pain”?
(Ivano – Bassist): We’re in the middle of promotional phase and haven’t received sales’ report yet; but reviews – although few – have been almost all positive!

BleachBangs- Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
(Ivano): Well, they are different: some of us listen to Metalcore (Killswitch Engaged) as well as Classic Music too ( Bach, Chopin, Vivaldi); others range from Progressive Rock Metal (Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree) to Alternative Rock Metal and Crossover (Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down and Faith No More)
(Luca – Drummer) says: I’ve been recently thinking about it and sorted out that my influences are constantly changing with my experience and with the evolution of music I choose to listen to. So, I’m actually influenced by Marco Minneman and Gavin Harrison; by Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree mainly, but also by others projects of these two guys (eg.,’ The Aristocrats’ and Gavin’s jazz remake project of PT).
Of course I won’t forget to mention my “pillars” since I’ve taken the drumsticks for the first time (first drumsticks were Chinese restaurant sticks, of course) in chronological order: Green Day, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Nightwish, Dream Theater and Pain of Salvation.

BleachBangs- Who came up with the idea to use your children in the video for “A Senseless Tragedy (Bloodstreams)”? I love that idea, because it gives the video a more personal meaning to your families. Awesome idea.
I thank you for this question!…it was mine (Ivano Adamo)!…we needed children in the video but had no one to ask for! It was so nice shooting with them; we were two full families together with their children, and the band – and we shooted in our guitarist Alessandro’s flat. Such a positive experience that even turned out in uniting us more!

BleachBangs- How does the music writing process work with the band? Does everyone being in ideas, or is it a couple of you that do the writing?
(Ivano) It often happens during rehearsal time, while warming up and jamming before starting the set: a some idea comes out and the band tries to elaborate something on it ,or, later, one or two of us will keep working on it. On the other hand, one of us sometimes brings a quite structured idea at rehearsal, and we work on it together in order to fix sections according to everyone’s taste, both in arrangement and in sound.

BleachBangs- How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?
(Ivano) I would say it a quite “strong” genre, but the one that people like, ‘cos it’s…”catchy”!! Most of our songs have a very effective refrain, and Francesco’s voice is really melodic – and when his voice “plays” ballads it’s a done deal…! This album could be listened and liked by pop music estimators: but we won’t get paranoied and won’t set into the “class division” of music. We think music as a whole one, and we think music as a universal language: we are extremely pleased that very different people choose and listen to ours!!
(Luca) A sub-kind of metal with rude riffs and melodic voice mainly, plus some scream and growl.

BleachBangs- Have you always been interested in a career in music?
(Ivano) Of course yes! I wouldn’t deny it as the mostly unconfessed secret dream of everyone playing in a band, even though most musicians won’t think about the bad side of being in a “music business” – but the same works in every kind of business!! Passion drives us to our aims and goals and let us face even inevitable difficulties – and this goes and works in every field, not certainly only for music business!
(Luca) I was a football player. Then, the answer is ‘yes’ 

BleachBangs- If you weren’t a musician, what career path would you have chosen?
(Luca) Being Batman. LOL!!
(Ivano) my wife and I run a business, and that would be my only activity if I won’t make it in musical career. I run a studio rehearsal as well – so I would stay in music biz as well, if not…anyway!! I like it, even if it’s not the same thing: but what I really damn like is playing on stage!! 

BleachBangs- If I were to look at your IPod right now, what would I be most surprised to see in it?
(Ivano) You would be surprised at the fact that…I have not an IPod!! Ahahahahah!!…I usually listen to music from my pc or in my car – mainly from my pc while working at shifts at the studio rehearsal!! You would be surprised finding me listening to Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers but also to Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Bon Jovi!!!…wouldn’t you?!?…:)
(Luca) Probably, the fact that you wouldn’t find almost anything similar of our music.

BleachBangs- What is your favorite song on your album and why?
(Ivano) It’s a hard question to answer; I would say ‘Love Kills Anyway’ because it’s a hard, dynamic and straight song and has a very moving refrain; I always play it with great pleasure…and it’s also one of the few pieces which starts with a bass solo
(Luca) For me is Lost in London. Because there is more work on the dynamics and sounds with two solos/interludes very expressive on softly distortion gifted by ATR8 and a final explosion closed by an excellent sentimental solo by Occhio (Fabrizio Proietti’s nick name), best solo in his life, for now, he’s 22 😛 . And, more, in live session it’s my relax moment 

BleachBangs- Are there any plans to come to the U.S. to tour? If so, is there a time frame we can expect?
(Luca) Of course, is one of our targets. Mostly, there is a money frame.
(Ivano) Sure!!!…touring in the US is a dream that we share with every European band and we’re already working on it in the long run. We’ve hired the ‘High Road Publicity’ to prepare the ground for an eventual tour in late 2016 or early 2017; it will depend also on the interest shown by promoters in making us play – and maybe after the great, enormous sales’ success gained…ahahahah!!

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions do us. We look forward to seeing a live show.
Thank you for introducing us to your readers – hope really to see you soon…of course, with us on a stage!!

Check out their debut video:

Check their Facebook Page for band updates:

Special thanks to High Road Publicity for introducing us to New Disorder.


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After finally catching P.O.D. at the Uproar Festival in 2012 we had become Die-Hard fans.  Not only does Sonny demand respect on stage, One on One Sonny gives you his undivided attention and never makes you feel like you are wasting his time.  His laughs are genuine and he looks you directly in the eye while speaking to you.  

In a time that I am quickly losing respect for a lot of the bands on the music scene today, P.O.D. has re-inspired me and shown me that not all music is the same cookie-cutter, follow the pied piper, regurgitated tunes over and over. He proves that some bands still put their heart and soul into their music, and care about the product they are putting out.  P.O.D. Writes, and performs their music on their own terms, which has not been the easiest road to take but it’s the ONLY one they would choose to take again.  True to themselves, True to their music, and always true to their fans.

Check out P.O.D.’s new album “The Awakening” featuring “This Goes Out to You” HERE



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Family Force 5

IMG 5543 Family Force 5

Family Force 5 Announces Dates For Fall 2015 “Tour Stands Still”

Pre-Order Upcoming Remix Album “Time Still Stands”


September 24, 2015 – Atlanta based Party Rock band Family Force 5 have announced the dates of their Fall 2015 “Tour Stands Still“. The tour kicks off on October 16th in Vienna, Virginia and works its way throughout the United States wrapping up on November 2nd in Chicago, Illinois. The band will be touring in support of their critically acclaimed album Time Stands Still. The band has also announced their upcoming Time Still Stands remix album which comes out November 6th and is available for pre-order now!

Watch Family Force 5’s “Sweep The Leg” official music off of “Time Stands Still” below:


Time Still Stands isn’t just a remix record, its more like our songs getting a re-imagined facelift.Fatty (Family Force 5)

Pre-order Family Force 5’s Time Still Stands remix album on iTunes HERE and original Time Stands Still HERE.

Tour Stands Still is going to be a neon infused dance-off with our fansHollywood (Family Force 5)

“Tour Stands Still” Tour Dates:

10/16 – Jammin’ Java – Vienna, Virginia

10/17 – Visulite Theatre – Charlotte, North Carolina

10/18 – Center Stage – The Loft – Vinyl – Atlana, Georgia

10/21 – House of Blues Dallas – Dallas, Texas

10/22 – House of Blues Houston – Houston, Texas

10/25 – The Fillmore Philadelphia – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

10/26 – House of Blues Cleveland – Cleveland, Ohio

10/27 – A&R Music Bar – Columbus, Ohio

10/28 – Deluxe At Old National Center – Indianapolis, Indiana

10/29 – The Intersection – Grand Rapids, Michigan

10/30 – Exit/In – Nashville, Tennessee

11/01 – Triple Rock Social Club – Minneapolis, Minnesota

11/02 – Bottom Lounge – Chicago, Illinois

Follow Family Force 5:

Family Force 5 Official
Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

About Family Force 5:

Derek “Chap Stique” Mount recalls a conversation he had a few years ago with Jerome Olds, the patriarch of the family whose sons started Family Force 5 over a decade ago. “At one point he said to me, ‘Hey man, you know what’s wrong with you guys? When you first came out, you were reckless. You’re not reckless anymore,’” recalls the guitarist. “And on this album, we wanted to capture that recklessness again. Just hit ‘record’ and see what happens.

Rest assured, they kept hitting the button at the right time: Time Stands Still, the fourth album from Family Force 5, is an ambitious display of hip-hop hues, guitar bludgeoning, smoov R&B melodies, eye-winking pop-culture references, stentorian grace, personal reflections, and infectious optimism. It’s the mixtape you made in the ’80s, but rewired and sequenced for the 21st century—and beyond. Mount and cohorts Jacob “Crouton” Olds (lead vocals, dancing shoes), Joshua “Fatty” Olds (bass, low-end theories), Nathan “Nadaddy” Currin (synthesizers, groove science), and Teddy “Hollywood” Boldt (drums, party fibrillator) have come to party positive with big beats and rapidimente rapping while offering moments of sincere inspiration. Producers Riley Friesen and Seth Mosley ably captured the band’s forward-in-all-directions worldview for maximum joy and reverence.

The Atlanta-based Family Force 5 have always been a bastion for exciting music and onstage dynamism. Their 2006 debut album, Business Up Front/Party In The Back, was teeming with guitar-driven crunk-metal, rapping and the commanding vocals of frontman Solomon “Soul Glow Activatur” Olds. The follow-up album, 2008’s Dance Or Die, found them broadening their realm of party-hearty possibilities, incorporating everything from radio-friendly pop to soundtracks for sweaty mosh pits and electro-driven dancefloors alike. 2010’s III found them maintaining a lean-and-mean rap-rock stance, aesthetically beating many similar-sounding chart-topping acts at their own game. Consider that they’ve also been in charge of their own destiny for the last six years, being fiercely independent, self-sufficient and beholden to absolutely no one. Team FF5 have always been a legion of road dogs, dialing up thousands of miles on touring vans and busses to bring their rockin’ good times to the planet. Anybody who’s been paying attention to them knows full well their party never stops, from touring hi-jinx (go stick “Really Real Show” into YouTube’s search engine and see what happens) to the post-show dance parties where the band members spin their favorite dance tracks for fans that didn’t want to go home quite yet. Respect for the band came from the most unusual places, whether it was asked to join Alternative Press Magazine’s 2009 Tour (alongside 3OH!3 and The Maine) or having the Oregon State University football team embrace their freewheeling track “Chainsaw” during games. The band may have well copyrighted the phrase, “go hard or go home,” when you consider they’ve built as much sweat equity as they have goodwill: Consider how their videos have garnered a cumulative 30 million views, and how they’ve held court at some of the world’s prestigious music festivals (Sonisphere, Bamboozle, EO Day, Warped Tour UK), in addition to scoring placement in everything from feature films (Warrior’s Way, Battleship, Almost Alice) and commercials (Target) to the veritable alphabet soup (ESPN, WWE, NHL, CBS Sports, MTV) of television. If you want to stop for a moment and take a breath after reading that last paragraph, feel free. They make a lot of other bands look like hopeless couch-surfing slackers.

When Solomon informed the band last summer he wished to be closer to his family and was resigning from the Force, hard decisions needed to be made. Should they adjourn the party and chase other pursuits? Or continue bringing beats, guitar crunch, crazy electronics and empowering lyrics to fans hungry for sincerity as much as sonic kicks? The remaining members chose to continue, but then wondered who they would get to front the band. That anxiety was short-lived, since the answer was in front of them all the time. Well, actually behind them onstage for so many years…

I’ve always said I was a better dancer than I was a drummer,” says Jacob matter-of-factly. “The only reason I got the job eight years ago with my brothers is because I could play kick, snare, and hat at the same time and sing. All of us had to wrap our heads around the fact we’d been playing together for so long. Solomon and I as brothers had been playing together in several different bands for, I think, 20 years. That’s a weird adjustment.Jacob’s vocal contributions have always been key to the FamFo aesthetic. Given the band’s range of musical idioms, Jacob is always on point with whatever the song required. “It’s a total Jekyll and Hyde situation,” says Jacob about his performance style. “I’m totally comfortable with the vibe of the title track—a little new wave, a little more pop, a little more soulful on the voice. I can’t make my voice sound like there are razorblades in it. But for some reason, growing up down South in Atlanta, I only really listened to R&B and hip-hop. I love rock ’n’ roll for what it is, but there’s an aspect of how I phrase things in the parts that comes naturally to me.” Not surprisingly, Olds’ vocal acumen is matched by his physical ability to bust a move onstage. “I grew up watching Michael Jackson,” he says proudly. “When people asked me what I wanted to be, I said in all earnestness that I wanted to be a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. Which is hilarious, but I totally kill it on her Rhythm Nation record.

If anything, we have learned of the crimes we committed against our fans by restraining Jacob behind a drum set for nine years,” says Mount. “I’m going to vouch for my boy: There is nobody else we would rather have up there.

If my brother hadn’t have stepped down, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do this with our band,” says Jacob, “So I will always love and respect him.

Having avoided the anxiety of breaking in a new frontman, the band were relieved and rejuvenated. Which is why Time Stands Still is the best batch of Family Force fun yet. You could accuse them of being clinically schizophrenic as ever, mixing genres, techniques, and approaches as if they were trying to pick a pair of matching socks out of the laundry in the dark. But FF5 realizes the world’s playlist culture dictates that nobody listens to just one kind of music anymore. So when the laser hits the disc, your head is immediately nodding to the electro-metal-crunk of “Sweep The Leg,” a track Mount describes as “a jock jam for the future. I’d love to hear it on an ESPN highlight reel.” Rapper KB guests on the synth-driven “BZRK” to spur the band on, while “Everybody Lose Your Mind” mixes Mount’s rock sensibilities with the rinse-and-drop aesthetics of the EDM scene, as Jacob veers from strident singing to intonations reminding you “this is the last time to lose your mind.” Emo pop and cool new wave swagger collide on “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching,” “Jet Pack Kicks” is a dance party for Auto-Tune robots auditioning for the Transformers franchise, and tracks like “Raised By Wolves” and “Glow In The Dark” bring the rock with all the power and energy, and none of the excess.

Family Force 5 should be as fun as possible,” Mount stresses. “At times in our career, there’s been a temptation to second-guess things. There are a lot of moments where one of us would do a take and would say, ‘That’s not perfect, I want to record it again.’ And the response to that was, ‘Yes, it is. Leave it.’ Sometimes the intimacy lies in the mistakes and the imperfections. This band doesn’t need to be a version of anything else. We’ve got a lead singer that listens to nothing but Tevin Campbell, Zapp, and R&B; a bass player who is as rock as they come; a keyboard player who loves new wave; a drummer who knows about every cool hipster band ever, and I’m a metalhead who’s into weird indie stuff. When you put all that together, it’s a bizarre stew with complex ingredients.”

While Time Stands Still is loaded with swagged-out pop-culture references ricocheting off big beats, cool synth lines and propulsive guitar riffs, there are also demonstrations of genuine heartfelt emotion informing the proceedings. Jacob is joined by Melodie Wagner (of Hillsong Young & Free) on “Walk On Water,” an uplifting duet integrating mindsets of both spiritual and dedicated love. The title track and the stirring “This Is My Year” are songs offering equal doses of encouragement and empowerment to generations of listeners, whether they grew up watching John Hughes movies in the ’80s or waiting in line to buy tickets to see fun. And on the joyous, celebratory “Let It Be Love” – which reached the #1 radio position at CCM Hot AC / CHR in October 2014 – Jacob delivers a couplet that is all-encompassing: “It’s not about the stand you take/but the grace we give/It’s not about the name we make/but the life we live.” It’s a sentiment that transcends attitudes, belief systems and the spiritually empty things humanity puts entirely too much emphasis upon. “This album is about joy and escapism,” says Mount. “At times, it’s light-hearted and carefree, and in other moments, it goes deeper. I really hope someone can put this record in the car stereo and just smile the whole drive home.

America should pay attention to Mount and make sure its gas tanks are filled. Because Family Force 5 are going to make it even easier for the country to get their smiles on. Upon the release of Time Stands Still, the band are gearing up and bearing down hard for the duration of 2014 and well into 2015, working on remixes of tracks from the new album, lensing new videos, pounding the pavement on Winter Jam and Warped Tour 2015, and volunteering on a service trip abroad. In other words, Family Force 5 business as usual.

It’s quite clear Family Force 5 are paying it forward by playing it backward. One listen to Time Stands Still proves they have a mission statement firmly in place. Simply put, they’ve returned to put the heart in your party. Is there really someplace better you want to be?

High Road Publicity - White Lettering

©2015 High Road Publicity | 120 K Street 2nd Floor Sacramento, CA 95814

FF5 Logo

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Echo Black Tour

EB Band NoLogo copy

Echo Black Releases “Burn Another Day” Music Video (Featuring Davey Suicide) And Announces U.S. Tour With Combichrist & The Birthday Massacre


October 6, 2015 – New York based Dark Alternative Rock band Echo Black has released their debut music video “Burn Another Day” (featuring Davey Suicide) which originally premiered with REVOLVER Magazine and was directed by Nathan Crooker. The track was produced by Nick Scott and is available for purchase now on iTunes & Amazon. The band also has announced the dates of their upcoming North American tour with Combichrist and The Birthday Massacre. The tour kicks off on October 28th in Baltimore, Maryland and works its way throughout the United States wrapping up on November 23rd in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Watch Echo Black’s “Burn Another Day” (featuring Davey Suicide) music video below:


This song marks both a beginning and an end for us; the close of one chapter and the opening of another. The four of us have spent a lot of years waiting for this very moment and we each poured our individual sets of influence and experience into this song and video. We are hungry and we are coming out with guns blazing. We are the sound of midnight.Danny Blu (Lead Vocals)

Tour Dates:

10/28 – Soundstage – Baltimore, Maryland

10/29 – Marlin Room @ Webster Hall – New York, New York

10/30 – Fete Music Hall – Providence, Rhode Island

11/02 – The Altar Bar – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

11/03 – Agora Ballroom – Cleveland, Ohio

11/04 – The Abbey – Chicago, Illinois

11/05 – Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, Minnesota

11/06 – Granada Theater – Lawrence, Kansas

11/07 – The Summit Music Hall – Denver, Colorado

11/08 – Area 51 – Salt Lake City, Utah (no Birthday Massacre)

11/10 – Slim’s – San Francisco, California

11/11 – The Whisky – West Hollywood, California

11/12 – The Glasshouse – Pomona, California

11/13 – Nile Theater – Mesa, Arizona

11/14 – The Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, New Mexico

11/15 – TBA – El Paso, Texas

11/16 – Korova – San Antonio, Texas

11/17 – Gas Monkey – Dallas, Texas

11/19 – The Ready Room – St Louis, Missouri

11/20 – The Rave – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

11/21 – The Stache – Grand Rapids, Michigan

11/22 – St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, Michigan

11/23 – Emerson Theater – Indianapolis, Indianapolis (no Birthday Massacre)

Purchase “Burn Another Day” (featuring Davey Suicide) on iTunes.
Purchase “Burn Another Day” (featuring Davey Suicide) on Amazon.

Follow Echo Black:

Official Website
Facebook | Twitter | InstagramBurn Another Day Final Cover Art copy

About Echo Black:

Formed by front-man Danny Blu in 2015, Echo Black is a Pop/Rock/Industrial band based in New York City. Drawing on the differing influences of each unique member, Echo Black sets out to make evocative and visceral music you can feel in your bones.

We are ghosts. And you will know us.

High Road Publicity - White Lettering©2015 High Road Publicity | 120 K Street 2nd Floor Sacramento, CA 95814

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BleachBANGS/Gemini Syndrome

After having an awesome interview with Aaron Nordstrom, we were able to
watch the Gemini Syndrome show.  This is only the second time we have
been able to see their set, and it was just as amazing as when we saw
Them at Rocklahoma 2014.  They proved that no matter how small the
stage, they were still going to deliver an amazing performance.  The
Synners were out in full force to support their favorite band.  They are
Returning to the studio to finish up their sophomore album.  Make sure to
check out them out when they hit the road again.  Although a release
date has not been set for their new album, check their Facebook page and
website for updates.  While you are waiting pick up their first album
Lux if you haven’t yet.

Website: Gemini Syndrome

Lux Album: iTunes

FaceBook: Gemini Syndrome

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BleachBANGS/Trauma of Hed P.E.

After missing HED P.E. the numerous times that they had been through our area in the last few years, I was ecstatic to finally be able to catch them this time around at the Farmers Market in downtown Oklahoma City with Mushroomhead. Bringing with them a phenomenal band called Unsaid Fate, led by vocalist Jackie LaPonza who is beautiful as well as powerful. Unsaid Fate brought us an early treat with Mushroomhead’s Church doing double duty on bass after the bands Bassist quit the band right before the tour… His loss for sure!
We were honored to be able to catch a quick interview with Trauma, the big haired outgoing and funny as hell drummer of Hed P.E.
Trauma tells us all about how the set list is chosen and the creative process behind the song writing. There is no doubt that this is a man that is happy to be where is and wants to share the love of music he has with everyone he comes in contact with. Trauma let us know that true to the Hed P.E. standard, the next album fans can expect a whole new music fused with as many of their influences past and present as well as maybe some new combinations that have yet to be tried thus far in the world of music.
Aside from a few technical sound issues, Hed P.E. lit the stage on fire, with pure in your face blazing metal. Not many bands in this day and age have the diverse catalog of songs that these guys do. In my book, that shows amazing talent and drive. I vow to never miss another Hed P.E. show again when they come to town, and that’s a promise!




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BleachBANGS/All That Remains

Members: Philip Labonte – vocals                              Label: Razor & Tie
Mike Martin – guitar                                                        Hometown: Springfield, MA
Oli Herbert – guitar                                                          Albums: 7
Jeanne Sagan – bass                                                         The Order of Things-2015
Jason Costa – drums                                                        A War You Cannot Win-2012
                                                                                                  For We Are Many-2010
                                                                                                  The Fall of Ideals-2006
                                                                                                  This Darkened Heart-2004
                                                                                                  Behind Silence and Solitude 2002


The band All That Remains never fails to impress me more and more every time I catch one of their shows.  I have seen them transform in amazing ways.  When I first heard All That Remains, they were a heavy, in your face metal band that I really liked.

I’ve seen many comments on-line about how the band has “Sold Out” on their latest release “The Order of Things”.  I disagree.  All That Remains have done a great job of evolving into what is relevant without “Selling Out”. This band is heavy and hard core at their roots, but that doesn’t mean they are afraid to play more melodic, slower tempo songs  such  as “What if I Was Nothing” or my favorite “This Probably Won’t End Well”.

I saw them recently at Kattfest in Okc, and they opened with 2 songs off of their new album, then took us back in time with gut wrenching vocals from Phil and pound your face against a brick wall riffs from Oli.

In my opinion, All That Remains is one of the best well rounded bands of 2015 because they are not scared to adapt, to change, and don’t give 2 shits if you want to hear a ballad at a show or not they will do it anyway… Then they rip off her prom dress and throw her to the floor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Website: All That Remains

Facebook: All That Remains

Label: Razor & Tie



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