Kyng find grandiosity in simplicity. The Los Angeles outfit may only boast three members—Eddie Veliz [vocals/guitar], Pepe Clarke [drums], and Tony Castaneda [bass/backup vocals]—but their collective roar could easily tip the Southern California Richter Scale. On their second full-length album and first for Razor & Tie, Burn The Serum, the trio harks back to the essence of heavy rock ‘n’ roll, forging thunderous percussion to lightning hot riffs driven by a divine vocal howl. At the same time, they keep their eyes wide open towards the future.

Breaking out of the City of Angels in 2011, the group’s debut Trampled Sun landed shining critical acclaim for its “California Heavy” sound merging the metallic meanderings of Soundgarden and Queens of the Stone Age with the timeless scope of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. They hit the road with everybody from The Sword and Clutch to Trivium and Megadeth—even being picked to play at Metallica’s first-ever Orion Music + More festival. However, everything was merely leading up to Burn The Serum.

“We literally started working on Burn The Serum as soon as we finished the first album,” says Veliz. “We built on the foundation we had. It’s a balance of heavy riffing and these big melodic vocals. It sits between metal and a rock ‘n’ roll. You can’t put your finger on it. It’s just what Kyng does.”
To preserve what “Kyng does”, the band joined producers Jim Rota of Fireball Ministry fame and Andrew Alekel at Grandmaster Studios in Los Angeles during early 2013. The production team encouraged the musicians to unfurl this unbridled energy further.

“Working with them was a blast,” the frontman goes on. “These dudes literally know anything and everything you need to know about this kind of music. They can point out exact tones recorded on Bark At The Moon. It was a learning experience for us. They helped us refine the sound, pulling things back and keeping it as tasteful as possible. It’s very musical as a result.”

The first single “Electric Halo” serves as shining proof. The guitar buzzes with an ominous wall of distortion before lighting up a soaring refrain that hits impressive heights and showcases the vocalist’s dynamic range.

“When we were writing it, we asked, ‘What would Tony Iommi do?’,” laughs Veliz. “That was the mindset. Lyrically, it’s about those people you meet who will be the sweetest little things to your face, but they turn around and stab you in the back. They turn on that halo of sweetness to get what they need from you. Once they turn it off, they’re no longer angels. Instead, they cut you and stab you in the name of what they can take for themselves.”

With more robust riff-age and pummeling drums, “Sewn Shut” tells a harrowing true story of a friend whose eyes were literally sewed closed after a horrific accident, while “In The Land of Pigs” serves as an account of the trials and tribulations of the music industry and life on the road. Expanding in cinematic fashion, the title track decrees a plea to an addict with a vibrant visual.

“It initially came from this crazy argument I had in my family life,” reveals Veliz. “It was a tough one to write because it was really personal. This is the story. Someone’s blatantly addicted to something. It’s breaking them in half and making them fall apart. You ask them for the truth, and they can’t say it. Everything is destroyed and this person doesn’t care.”

That heaviness remains encoded in the group’s very moniker. “In the beginning, Kyng was just a name,” the singer concludes. “Now, it’s about honesty in music though. We try to be honest with ourselves so people want to listen to us for a long time to come. We want to take you back to an older era when bands didn’t need all of the bells and whistles. At the same time, we’re taking you down our own path to that place.”

img_0006 img_0008

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Sabaton in Tulsa 10/08/16

Sabaton, the power metal band from Falun, Sweden is currently on tour with Trivium and Huntress.  They recently had a tour stop in Tulsa at the Cain’s Ballroom.  I must admit that I am new to Sabaton.  I was told that their songs and music is based on wars and historical battles, and that peaked my interest.  I was intrigued to see how all of this meshed together.  I didn’t know what to expect when I showed up for the show.

img_8020 img_8051 img_8092 img_8147

I was completely mesmerized when Sabaton took the stage.  From the first note to the last, they had my full attention.  To say I was pleased with what I witnessed would be an understatement.  The music is so powerful, yet you can tell the band genuinely has fun on the stage.  Joakim has an amazing knack for completely playing to the crowd.  When he said jump, the crowd jumped…when he said clap, they clapped.  The band mates had such a friendly, lighthearted banter with each other that it made the crowd feel like they were a part of the friendship these guys share.

img_8163 img_8166 img_8197 img_8199

If you told me Sabaton was coming back to a town close to me tomorrow, I would move mountains to be at that show.  They are honestly the best band I have seen in a long time.  I am kicking myself for not listening to them sooner.  I feel like I have so much catching up to do since I have missed so many years of Sabaton.

img_8212 img_8235 img_8256 img_8271

Please check out the bands official website to check out tour dates, buy Sabaton merchandise, and get links to the bands social media sites.

img_8273 img_8284 img_8292 img_8297

The band consists of Joakim Brodén-vocals, Pär Sundström-bass, Chris Rörland-guitar and backing vocals, Hannes van Dahl-drums, and Tommy Johansson-guitar and backing vocals.

img_8306 img_8315 img_8346 img_8354


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Thrice 10/01/16

I was lucky enough to cover the recent Thrice tour stop in Oklahoma City on October 1st.  The band is touring to promote the release of their most recent album “To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere”.  Thrice is wrapping up the current tour, but stay tuned to their website, or their Facebook page for any and all news from the band.

The show in OKC was the first time I have seen the band live.  I was very impressed.  They played hits that had the crowd singing at the top of their lungs.  And of course they played their newest single “Black Honey”, which I personally love.  Thrice definitely has very devoted fans, as I saw lots of people sporting their Thrice t-shirts and jackets.  I always like to pay attention to the crowd and observe how the crowd is responding to the band.  I must say, this band has some of the best and most devoted fans I have ever seen.  It was awesome to be able to see this band live!! While this tour is almost over, you should keep your eyes open for another tour and make it to a show if they come to your area.  It is well worth it.

img_7429 img_7464 img_7486 img_7528 img_7556 img_7616 img_7644 img_7737 img_7743

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BleachBANGS/Twelve Foot Ninja

Damon (Bass)
Kin (Vox)
Russ (Drums)
Stevic (Guitar)
Rohan (Guitar/Vox)
We were able to catch up with Australia natives Twelve Foot Ninja at Texas Mutiny.  Not only did we get an interview with a couple of members we were blessed to get the whole band! And as you can clearly hear in the interview,these guys are a BLAST!  They all have a quick wit, and love having a good time. You tell  they are loving what they do.  They are serious musicians don’t let their off the wall videos fool you this band oozes with talent.  
Their latest album: “Outlier” Released 2016 shows the diversity of this band with a Reggae infused Rock sound guaranteed to hook you in, and their live show is something you will just love! They were only in the states for 4 weeks and then back to Australia where they were hand picked by the band Disturbed to be on their bill.  One listen to Twelve Foot Ninja and you will see why.
img_5558 img_5611 img_5589 img_5583 img_5565 img_5501 img_5503 img_5507 img_5529 img_5545 img_5497 img_5496 img_5487 img_5450 img_5414 img_5410 img_5381
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Thrice is an American rock band from Irvine, California, formed in 1998. The group was founded by guitarist/vocalist Dustin Kensrue and guitarist Teppei Teranishi while they were in high school.

Early in their career, the band was known for fast, hard music based in heavily distorted guitars, prominent lead guitar lines, and frequent changes in complex time signatures.This style is exemplified on their second album, The Illusion of Safety (2002) and their third album The Artist in the Ambulance (2003). Their fourth album Vheissu (2005) made significant changes by incorporating electronic beats, keyboards, and more experimental and nuanced songwriting. Their fifth effort was a double album entitled The Alchemy Index (2007/2008), released as two sets of two CDs that together make a 4-part, 24-song cycle. Each of the four 6-song EPs of the Alchemy Index features significantly different styles, based on different aspects of the band’s musical aesthetic which reflect the elemental themes of fire, water, air and earth, both lyrically and musically. The band’s sixth album, entitled Beggars, was released on August 11, 2009, and their seventh, Major/Minor on September 20, 2011. The most recent albums feature a refined combination of the band’s different experiments and explorations. On May 27, 2016, Thrice released their ninth studio album, To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere. Ten days earlier, they released the album’s only current single, “black honey”.

Each album released by Thrice has had a portion of its sales proceeds donated to a new charitable organization.

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BleachBANGS/Kenny Dubman

Every so often new music comes along that restores my faith in the direction the music industry is heading.  In the age of the cookie cutter, this worked for “them” so that’s what we will do too mentality, it’s great to see Kenny breaking the rules and not being tied to one genere just because that’s what’s selling.  Kenny takes a mix of country, and classic rock ind molds it into something well worth checking out. it just makes you feel good!  Kenny isn’t in it to be famous, and actually has no plans to tour, this is what music sounds like in its purest form when no ego is involved. 

About Kenny Dubman & “Reckless Abandon”
“Reckless Abandon” is the first solo effort from NJ native and lifelong six-stringer Kenny Dubman, a veteran of 3 albums with NJ melodic rockers Prophet. Loaded with earthy, organic 70’s influenced hard rock, Reckless Abandon will most certainly fill a gaping void in today’s musical climate.”I wanted to make a song record first; making a guitar record was never really part of the

“I wanted to make a song record first; making a guitar record was never really part of the equation” says Dubman, though guitar fans will likely want for nothing on this offering. Blending elements of Bad Company, Deep Purple, Kansas, and Lynyrd Skynyrd with subtle hints of Queen, Ozzy, Montrose, Pink Floyd, and Rush, Reckless Abandon pays homage to it’s 70’s rock roots while still forging an identity of it’s own….due in no small part to Dubman’s powerful, raspy vocal performances.

Lyrically, Reckless Abandon tackles some deep and dark subject matter; not much boy-meets-girl fare on this record. “I’m not sure where these song ideas came from; I feel like they were channeled through me rather than originated within….like I didn’t really write them. I think the great Tony Joe White sums this syndrome up best: ‘….the music is all given to me anyway. Writing and playing and doing music not for the benefit of having a number one record, just to let it out of your soul, means somebody has fed it down to you.’ That’s right on the money”. Origin non-withstanding, Kenny Dubman has created (or channeled) something special on this record.

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Farm Rock Tulsa “Streets Gone Wild” 2016

Here in Oklahoma we have Rocklahoma, and several touring festivals that come through every year.  These festivals offer a great mix of new and older music to appease numerous people.  What Oklahoma has been missing; however, is an 80’s music festival.   Farm Rock Tulsa brought just that to the downtown streets of Tulsa on September 8-10, 2016.  They offered an acoustic pre-party on Thursday night with Mike Tramp and Kip Winger offering up amazingacoustic versions of our favorite 80’s White Lion and Winger songs. Friday evening and all day Saturday offered up even more 80’s favorites like Warrant, Night Ranger, Lillian Axe, and Queensryche just to name a few.   This was a perfect weekend that made you remember the days of big, bleached hair, and spandex. 

The organizers did a great job of making sure this festival was the right size, big enough to contain all of the stage, busses, and fans. But not so big that it looked like an empty house. It was just right and cozy for the concert-goers. 

A huge thank you goes out to Frederick Entertainment, Inc. for bringing this festival to Tulsa and giving us a chance to enjoy and relive our youth.  Thank you to the ladies of Six-PR in Tulsa for all their help and hard work keeping we media folks lined out.  


I know I speak for more than just those of us in Bleachbangs when I say I hope this festival will become an annual event in Tulsa. 





img_4207 img_1223 img_1781 img_9025 img_9030 img_0810 img_2530 img_9681 img_1554 img_1332 img_2413 img_9105 img_2246 img_2050

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BleachBANGS/Steve Blaze


Lilian Axe             

Brian Jones-Vocals

Steve Blaze-Guitar

Chris Brown-Bass

Sam Poitevent-Guitar

Ken Koudelka-Drums

From the early beginnings of BleachBANGS Steve Blaze of Lilian Axe has always held a special place in my heart. He was one of our earliest interviews when we started out on blogtalk radio. The whole time during the interview I was thinking this guy is great, so down to earth and easy to talk to. Later that year Lilian Axe was at Rocklahoma, and who do I see just mingling with the fans? Steve Blaze of course. So I decided to formally introduce myself and sure enough he remembered and was STILL the same person I had talked to on our show, a big smile, a how have you been? Glad you are all here! Genuine all the time. Steve is actually the one that made me realize I don’t need to be intimidated and not be scared to approach most musicians.

True to fashion when Lilian Axe came to Tulsa for Farm Rock, he was here early and was receptive to everyone who approached him as well as me for an interview.
Who would have known he has a T.V. show being shopped to networks? A ghost hunting show even! I can’t wait!

When Lilian Axe hit the stage in Tulsa they were flawless as always…apart from a brief technical problem with Sam’s guitar. This band is the real deal and true musicians.

So please enjoy this interview with Steve and make sure you check out the photos from Farm Rock Tulsa at the end.

img_1826 img_1827 img_1890 img_1900 img_1931 img_1937 img_1959 img_1970 img_1985 img_1995 img_1999 img_2050 img_2070 img_2124 img_2144 img_2145 img_2186 img_2206 img_2246 img_2275

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Members: Eric Boatright – Vocals

Cody Hampton – Bass/Guitar

Seth Trimble – Guitar/Keyboard

Heath Fields – Drums

Shallow Side is a rock band hailing from Alabama.  Combining the driving rhythms that push the core of pop music with aggressive guitar work, carefully constructed bass passages, and a voice that smashes into focus atop the platform laid down by the music, Shallow Side has crafted a new sound with the same “no holds barred” attitude that has kept rock n roll alive and kicking since its inception.

With 5 members, an EP recorded with Evan Coffman, at Starlight Studios in Orlando, FL, and 2 years of consistent tour experience, averaging 200+ shows a year, Shallow Side continues to push the envelope, providing a viable outlet for anyone looking for the future of hard rock.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Eric at their recent tour stop in Oklahoma City.  I was greeted with arms wide open…literally.  Eric gave me a big hug as soon as we met him, which proves his Southern Charm is in full effect.  It also tells you that he is still grounded and humble, which is awesome in this day and age. It was so refreshing to ask a question and have the band take us on a full out tour of how it all happened in detail, like the snapping turtle incident, and I can’t even walk down the street without ending up in the E.R.  We had cameo appearances from every member of the band as well as even catching Pokemon in the parking lot together.  Just in talking to these guys you can tell they absolutely love what they do, which is a good thing, because they are great at it.  While talking to Eric he said before the band started he wasn’t sure if he had a voice or not.  When you hear his vocals, that is hard to believe.  His vocals are phenomenal!!   The whole band is super tight, and their music will leave a lasting impression on you.  Bands like Shallow Side definitely make our job worth while.  They are the reason we do what we do!!  Please give a listen to our interview with Shallow Side.

Check out the bands website for links to their merch store as well as news and tour dates.  Go to their Facebook page at  Follow these guys and make sure you get to a show if they are anywhere close to you.

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State Of Mine set to release “Devil In Disguise” EP on September 15th

If you are a fan of Of Mice & Men, Shaman’s Harvest, I Prevail, Sevendust, or Gemini Syndrome, you absolutely have to check out State of Mine.  It’s not too often we come across a band that we can’t help but gush over.  State of Mine is absolutely one of these bands.  From the minute I hit play on track one “Curtain Call” I was hooked.  They do an amazing cover of Katy Perry’s “Rise” that you have to hear.  “Undertow” is a great, softer, ballad.  “Stones” just grabs your attention from the very beginning.  If you’re not banging your head on that one there is something wrong with you.  The EP ends with a song called “Broke By Monday”, which has a southern rock feel to it and is absolutely the anthem of many people.  It is a super fun and kick ass song.  I could go on and on about this EP, but you are just going to have to check it out for yourself.  In a super tough business it takes something truly special to make it.  I hole-heartedly believe State of Mine has that something special and I can’t wait to see and hear more from these guys.



Hailing from Laingsburg, Michigan, State of Mine is a metal band consisting of Vocalist Steven Jodway, Bassist Corey Smith, Drummer Mike Martin, Rhythm Guitarist Matt Martin, and Lead Guitarist Shawn Willett. Organized in 2010, the band hit the local music scene running, playing as support for multiple national acts such as: Black Label Society, Adelitas Way, Saliva, Powerman 5000, Flaw, Otherwise, Soil, 3 Years Hollow, just to name a few.
In 2014 they released their debut, self-titled EP recorded and produced by BJ Perry at Wall of Sound Studio (I Prevail, UFC, INK MASTER, NFL, NCAA), in Memphis, Michigan. After performing for a year, the band decided to go back in studio with a new sound and direction, specifically targeting radio listeners. The new EP, produced by BJ Perry again, went above and beyond expectations, and will guarantee to keep the listener hooked, with huge vocal harmonies, crunchy guitars, powerful bass, and pounding drums. They look to continue on their path toward touring and performing for a national audience.
Check out their video for Curtain Call:


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